want success? time to get a little selfish

You HAVE To Be Selfish Before You Can Be Selfless

Most people are probably familiar with the safety videos that play before you takeoff in an airplane. In the event that oxygen masks are required, they say, you should help yourself before helping anyone else you may be traveling with. This may feel counterintuitive, but the logic is actually simple and sound.

The fact of the matter is, you can’t help anyone if you’re gasping for air.

This is more than some forgettable truism. The fact is, most people are so eager to seem selfless that they don’t stop to think that they might not be in a position to help anyone.


If you are really committed to helping others, then you need to do one thing before any of that can happen: put yourself first. No really. Be selfish. Because if you want to help other people find success, then you need to get there first.

Put your own oxygen mask on. How are you supposed to help other people find happiness if you aren’t happy yourself?

Just remember to remain a good person. Sure, you need to put yourself first, but you don’t want to shirk responsibilities and cause anyone else harm in the process. You simply need to prioritize your success.

It’s All About Relationships

Success in Network Marketing hinges on one thing: relationships.

Be selfish. Prioritize your success. But do NOT jeopardize your relationships with others. You won’t get ahead if you can’t connect with people, whether personal or professional.

Focus on building trust between clients and prospects. And in your personal life, remember to make it clear why you do what you do. If you are prioritizing work over family time, be sure to let your family know that this will be better for everyone in the long run. You’re being a little selfish now, so you can be enormously selfless later.

How Can You Put Yourself First?

So now that you know you need to prioritize your own success, here’s what you need to do next:


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