What is Your Why?

Why Do You Do It?

What is Your Why?It’s the question every entrepreneur gets asked. It doesn’t matter whether you’re successful, struggling or just starting out. Why do you do it?

When the holidays roll around and you continue working Why do you do it?

When you hit a wall and have trouble pushing through… Why do you do it?

When you skip a party, movie or get-together for a meeting… Why do you do it?

Everyone has a different answer. Maybe you do it for your spouse. Or because you want to send your kids to college without racking up thousands of dollars in debt. The opportunity to live on your own terms. To vacation anywhere, any time.

Maybe you do it because you know you were meant to do more—be more. For many of us, an average life just isn’t good enough.

Whatever your “Why”, remember this: you’re not alone. Every Talk Fusion Associate has something that fuels them to keep working—even when it’s hard, inconvenient or unpopular. You’re building a legacy for yourself, your family, and future generations so that they can experience the kinds of opportunities most only dream about.

Why do you do it? Because you refuse to settle for average.

Stay focused. Stay committed.

I’ll see you at the top.

– Founder & CEO Bob Reina