Talk Fusion Branded T-Shirts

Wear the Brand. Get RESULTS!

Talk Fusion Branded T-Shirts Top earners don’t sit around and wait for new opportunities to arise; they create them. They’re always ready to turn any moment—even simple errands or everyday tasks—into revenue producing activities.

You can, too—by spicing up your wardrobe with a little Talk Fusion gear!

WHAT We Wear

Talk Fusion DVDs, brochures, t-shirts, and hats

T-shirts. Hats. Collared shirts. Car decals and tank tops. iPhone cases, tablet covers—even business cards, event banners, Business Opportunity DVDs, and professional padfolios. You name it; we’ve got it at the Talk Fusion Mall.

When you wear Talk Fusion gear out in public, you’re boosting brand recognition and your business simultaneously. And when you rock your gear consistently, you increase your chances of being approached by people you see on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Look at you, multitasker—reminding everyone that you’re a proud Talk Fusion Associate while you shop for groceries, pick up the kids from soccer practice, or stop by the bank! You’ve opened the door for new conversations that may lead to the all-important first Step to Success: the Invitation.

Tip: Take Business Opportunity DVDs with you wherever you go! Once you spark your prospect’s interest, put the power of Talk Fusion in their hands and encourage them to watch it the second they get home. The short, exciting video will inspire them to take action, visit your self-replicated Instant Pay site, and sign up right away. Now that’s how business empires are built.

WHY We Wear It

  • Because sometimes it’s tough to approach someone and introduce them to the business—especially when you don’t know them well or you’re just starting out or if you’re very shy. A Talk Fusion t-shirt can help break the ice!
  • ‘Cause it looks good, it’s comfortable, and it’s affordable.
  • Because it’s an easy way to make a statement and position yourself for success.
  • Because you’re determined to climb the ranks (and you’re always on the lookout for new business partners).
  • Because when people see Talk Fusion on your shirt day after day, they’re going to wonder who we are, what we do, and why you joined the business.
  • Why wear store-brand clothes when you can spark new prospects’ interest without saying a word?
  • Because sharing our mission and growing your Top 25 Prospects List is the key to earning world-class incentives!
  • Most importantly: because people can’t join a business they’ve never seen before. And since Talk Fusion is the first and only company in the world with Instant Pay, each conversation is a prime opportunity to blow your prospect’s mind with those two simple words.

HOW We Wear It

Remember: every time you put on your Talk Fusion hat or drive your branded vehicle, you are representing a highly respected global company. Be friendly, polite, confident, and open to conversation! Even if your prospect isn’t interested in our business opportunity or cutting-edge video products, you always want to make a great impression.


It doesn’t matter if you’re Bronze or Blue Diamond; an industry veteran or a first-timer; life of the party or the shyest person in the room—success is something any Talk Fusion Associate can achieve.

If you want to turn heads and take your business to new heights, go to the Talk Fusion Mall and place your order today!

Opportunity is out there. It’s time to put on your Talk Fusion gear and get after it!