Video Email Sets the Standard for Online Vehicle Marketing

blogheader-freewayfordPrior to 2012, Anthony Williams of Minnesota, USA was looking for a way to capture internet leads, build personal relationships with clients, and show off his auto dealership’s expansive inventory. He found Talk Fusion’s video communication products to be the perfect solution. As the proud Internet Manager of Freeway Ford, Anthony has discovered that there are countless benefits to marketing his auto business Better with Video.

“When I found out about Talk Fusion, I was very excited about their advanced system. Video Email is the future of online branding and marketing,” Anthony recalled. “Both clients and my management love this tool for marketing. Talk Fusion will be the standard for internet auto sales, in my humble opinion.”

Anthony WilliamsAccording to Anthony, one of the biggest challenges with internet auto sales is responding to online requests. He uses Video Email Auto Responders to instantly connect with leads and start building a more personal, trustworthy relationship.

“When a person shops on the internet, that request may go to 10 dealerships in your area. Email marketing allows me to be instant in my response, versatile with what I can do, and it allows high impact presentation that can touch more senses,” Anthony said.

Anthony’s colorful, brand-centric Custom Video Email Template takes his marketing efforts to the next level. “It helps me dramatically. That’s my edge over my competition: they are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and I am not!

“It takes the edge off of shopping for a car when you know who you will be working with. I always introduce myself and my dealership with each Video Email. I also include what source the lead came from, and thank them or invite them to meet or call me,” he added.

Anthony engages with dozens of internet leads each month and receives an impressive amount of comments on his unique Custom Template design and new age business approach. “The feedback is awesome, and my templates are sweet! High impact for sure!” he said. “Video says it better. Thank you, Talk Fusion!”

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