Talk Fusion Teamwork

Video Chat 3.0 = MORE Team Success Stories

Talk Fusion TeamworkIf a racecar pit crew doesn’t know what their driver needs when he needs it, he may risk a dangerous tire blowout or engine flare-up during the next lap. And if a football team isn’t in sync during their next big play, chances are they won’t score and may even lose possession of the ball.

Simply put, lack of communication is a direct flight to team failure.

The same principle applies to direct selling. After all, it is a team sport. Not only can you earn Sales Volume and income from your own efforts, but from the efforts of your entire team as well as they share our products worldwide. While this concept of “leverage” is the beauty of our business, it is nearly impossible to achieve without consistent training, dialogue, and strategic planning.

And that is why we made Video Chat 3.0 the ultimate, all-encompassing application for team-building and communication. Check out the five different ways Video Chat helps YOU succeed!

1) One-Click Downline Access

When you log in to this hot, new version of Video Chat, you’ll be pleased to find all of your personally sponsored Associates in your contact list. Our IT Team has essentially handed you the keys to a world of new opportunities—and effortless team interaction.

With just a simple swipe or scroll, you can connect with the very people who contribute to your team’s success.

Log in to Talk Fusion Video Chat

“We all know that, in business, speed is important,” Founder & CEO Bob Reina shared on the Massive Momentum Broadcast on September 29th. “Video Chat lets you know instantly where people are within your organization so you can reach out, put groups together, do trainings, share good news, etc.”


2) You Can See Who’s Online

See which team members are online with Talk Fusion Video ChatThe new Online Status feature lets you see which team members are available to chat. Green means the user is “online”, while red indicates they’re “offline”. Even if someone is offline, you can click the chat icon and send them a message they’ll receive the next time they log in.

Similar to the broadcast attendee and email marketing reports available in your Product Dashboard for Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings, the new Video Chat ensures that your business efforts are not a guessing game. You can instantly see who’s working, who’s engaged, who’s available to answer their downline’s questions, and—well—who’s not.

Use the web or mobile version to do regular check-ins with your personally sponsored Associates and get progress reports on today’s revenue-producing activities. Who will they share Talk Fusion with today? How many Free Trials have they passed out? How many prospects are they bringing to the next live broadcast? This is the ideal way to reach your weekly goals!


3) Your Upline is Right There

You’re in this business for yourself but you don’t have to do it by yourself. Your upline is here to help you along the way. That’s why our IT Team added two generations of your upline to your contacts list—it’s now easier than ever to get the guidance you need to succeed.

Streamlined team communication means you can learn from the pros and set up those all-important 3-way Calls quickly and efficiently.

Chat with your upline to set up 3-way calls

4) It’s the Perfect Place to Start a Group Chat

Create_Conversation_GifWe all know that communication is key. But if you’re like most Associates, you probably use a handful of messaging gadgets and applications to reach your team on a daily basis—and that’s plain inefficient. If half of your team is on WhatsApp and the other half is in a Skype or Facebook group, it may cause confusion or leave some people in the dark (plus it takes way more time to share just ONE message).

Video Chat’s new group chat feature gives you everything you need, all in one place.

Create and name group conversations and invite team members to join. It’s that simple—and keeps everybody on the same page.

You can be a part of as many conversations as you want. You also have the ability to leave, delete or archive the conversation at any time.


5) Direct Contact with Talk Fusion Corporate

There’s always something big and exciting happening at Talk Fusion, and Video Chat is your new best friend when it comes to staying up-to-date. The app will notify you whenever there’s a new product announcement, incentive promotion, blog post, or video message from the Corporate Office. It’s a fast and easy way to keep your team informed and inspired!

“It’s revolutionary applications like this that make such a big world seem so much smaller,” said VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts. “We may be in over 140 countries and counting but we’re ONE team with ONE vision to change more lives across the globe. The new Video Chat will bring us all closer than ever. I can’t wait to see the results and create even more success stories!”