Using Video Email to Boost Company Morale

Using Video Email to Boost Company Morale

Using Video Email to Boost Company MoraleWe all know using Video Email for marketing is important. It’s a cost-effective way to connect with your customers, find and follow up with new leads, and increase your return on investment. And that’s not just what we think…

“Many of our sales professionals use Video Email as another touch point to build awareness and rapport apart from a phone call and a standard email. We use those templates exclusively in our communication.”

– Zach Caravetta, Director, Business Development, Norwegian Cruise Lines

Yes, implementing Video Email into your marketing strategy is a fantastic way to stand out from the competition. But that’s not the only way you should put this interactive platform to use.

Take a look at your business. Not just your incredible products. Not just the great services you offer. Look at the heart and soul of your company—your team members. Do you know what motivates people to work harder, perform better, and implement a consistent work ethic? Feeling like they’re appreciated.

So maybe it’s not a big surprise. But what is surprising is how easily we sometimes forget to acknowledge the people whose dedication keeps us afloat. Fortunately, there’s one simple and effective way to both show your team they’re doing a great job and have a little fun while doing it. Say hello to Video Email.

Don’t Stop at “Thanks”

Don't Stop at "Thanks"

People need to know that what they do matters. And with lack of appreciation cited as the number one reason Americans quit their jobs and 77% of employees saying they’d work harder if they felt more appreciated, showing your appreciation is more important now than ever. Sure, you could occasionally offer up a handshake or say, “Thanks” to let team members know they’re valued. You would probably boost their spirits… for the day. Or you could crank it up and remind them why they enjoy working with you. A video email with a personalized message shows you took the time and went the extra mile to show them you see their daily efforts and truly appreciate them.

High Company Morale Depends on Your Participation

Did you know that 88% of employees aren’t passionate about their work? What’s worse—neither are 80% of senior managers. If you want your team to exude passion, dedication, and creativity, you have to lead by example. Your positive attitude will rub off on them helping to increase morale and boost productivity. A weekly video email with a motivational message or words of inspiration can also help to lift their spirits—especially as the week drags on.

Go BIG When Recognizing Achievements

Go BIG When Recognizing Achievements

When one person succeeds, the whole team should celebrate. It’s how you fuel momentum and encourage everyone to do their best. But recognizing team and individual achievements does more for morale than you might think. In fact, studies have shown that employees believe appreciation is more important than monetary compensation. So the next time someone on your team makes a big sale, send a companywide video email to congratulate them personally and thank them for their hard work. It will not only make the individual feel good, but it will also motivate the rest of your team to work harder so they can be the focus of your next video.

Communicate Goals with More than Just a Memo

The only way to meet your goals is to communicate them to your team. Memos are cold, impersonal, and outdated—video emails are the way to go. Once a month, send out a video email with a progress report of the goals that have been met and call attention to them. Start with a positive and remind your team members that they’re doing great. Encourage them to keep working hard and let them know you’re proud of their efforts. Use this video to also alert them to upcoming goals so everyone remains on the same page.

Get Them Involved

While recognizing hard work and individual achievements is important, it’s not the only way to boost company morale—not by a long shot. Gather your team members to record a silly video just for them. Dance to a favorite song or throw down a karaoke challenge. Taking 15 minutes to engage your team, have some laughs, and create a lasting memory is well worth it in the end.

The Importance of FUNThe Importance of Fun

It’s not just about relieving stress. It’s not just about promoting a healthy environment. It’s about creating a company culture where team members are excited to do their jobs, passionate about their mission, and satisfied when they’re working. Incorporating a sense of fun into your workday will help ensure your team members are not part of the 70% of Americans who are unhappy with their jobs.

A Few Minutes Goes a Long Way

We’re not talking about shooting a feature film here—although that would surely make an impact. Setting aside 3-5 minutes to record a video and send your message is all it takes to brighten someone’s day and keep them engaged with your company long-term. It’s a simple and effective way to encourage individuals to take pride in their accomplishments and edify them to the rest of your team.

While there are plenty of great ways to boost morale and keep your team engaged, nothing simultaneously says, “I value your contribution” and “We love our jobs” quite like a personalized video email—especially one that includes a dance-off.