Time to Spring Clean your email list!

Time for Spring Cleaning

Time to Spring Clean your email list!
Keep your email addresses from getting dusty!

March 20th marks the first day of spring in 2015. It reminds us that life continues; that everything is new, and young, and fresh again. It gives us the chance to put away winter things and concentrate on the future with new energy. For many people, it involves the ritual of “spring cleaning” – going through your house and belongings, top to bottom, throwing away old things that you don’t need and thoroughly cleaning everything you want to keep.

It holds just as true for email lists as it does a house.

Email lists can get old with time. People move, businesses get new web URLs, and some simply disappear; any of those situations can leave you with an email address that is not valid. Your message is important – why send it somewhere (or to someone) that no longer exists? You want to make sure that video emails and video newsletters you send out get to a target audience who wants to receive your message.

You want to keep your email lists clean and deliverability high. That means doing everything possible to reduce “dead” email addresses that take up space in your contact lists.

That’s why it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Here are a few things you can do to make your contact list clean and up-to-date:

  • Go through your lists and delete relevant addresses whenever notices of undeliverable mail appear.
  • Double-check and sort your folders regularly to ensure your contacts are in the proper category.
  • Contact any recipients in your contact lists who have been inactive for six months or more. If they do not respond, try a different means (alternate email address, phone, etc.) If there is still no response, it’s time to take them off your active list. Be sure to keep the information in an archive of past subscribers.
  • Check your opt-out reports to make sure no “good” contacts have opted-out accidentally. You can reach out to them directly to verify an intentional opt-out.

In addition to weeding out bad information in your list, now is the time to increase your list size so it stays big enough to be effective, with room for new contacts you’ll be adding.

Take advantage of a fresh and clean email list. Winter is over: now is the time to contact your customers and remind them that you’re here and ready to serve them. Recording and sending a video email or video newsletter letting a customer know you appreciate their business can reap huge rewards in terms of loyalty and referral business.

That way you won’t be a victim of their Spring Cleaning!