Talk Fusion Worst Email Subject Lines

The Worst Email Subject Lines

MUST READ ~~~ thiis is the BEST tning EvEr (LOL)!!!!!!!

Feeling dissuaded? It’s not just you. First impressions are important, and the wrong opener will strip even the most charming message of its credibility. The weight of an email campaign rests in the hands of the header; choose an unpleasant string of text, and your promotion is never seen.

There’s an epidemic out there: everyday, marketers are fashioning email subjects riddled with hyper-exaggerations, vague language, and spelling errors; let’s make certain you’re not one of them.

The Meaningless Message

Subject: This email contains words you’ll want to read.

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While curiosity builds clicks, headers that are too vague are just plain confusing. Instead, use your subject line to tease what’s really inside. You don’t need to give away the whole story, but you do need to hint at what’s coming next.

Try this:

Subject: The Perfect Opportunity? It’s Here.

Now your reader is intrigued. You still haven’t given away all the details, but you have set up a few expectations, encouraged a sense of urgency, and promoted your reader to open, read, and save your email for later.

 The Unending Sentence

Subject: Hello, can we have a moment of your time? We have a very exciting offer that you don’t want to miss out on involving super low prices on our super great paper products at discounted rates…

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Has your mind trailed off yet? Our attention spans are short. If you’re hoping to grab someone’s eye, you have to be succinct.

In the above example, it takes 180 characters before the company even explains what they’re advertising. Desktops typically only display 60 characters, and mobile phones show even less at 25-30; limit your characters to 49 or less and get to the point.

The Overly Excited Writer


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You’re in the majority if the voice in your head started yelling while reading that last one. Subjects written in all-caps are aggressive and off-putting, and they definitely don’t encourage any excitement. Aim for a calmer approach, avoid the exclamation points (which can trigger spam filters), and motivate your readers with your content, not your punctuation.

Careless Errors

Subject: You Are The Omly Ting Standing In You’re Way

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Nothing triggers spam filters—and makes you look so unprofessional—quite like spelling and grammar mistakes. Yes, we’re all prone to occasional slip-ups, but email header errors here make you look lazy at best, and unreliable at worst.

Pro tip: keep an eye out for common grammar mistakes (like your vs. you’re and its vs. it’s) and always triple check your work. To spot errors, try zooming in on your screen, reading your piece aloud, and momentarily switching your perspective with a larger spaced font, such as Courier.

Begging for Scraps

Subject: Open Me! Come On, You Don’t Want to Miss This!

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If you’re hoping to scare off your readers, then you’re on the right track with this subject; if not, then ease off the begging. When you’re overly eager and yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” your audience questions why your material isn’t strong enough to stand on its own. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will, and nothing shows a lack of confidence quite like a pleading subject line.

The Deceitful Sender

Subject: Congratulations, you’ve just won a lifetime supply of gummy bears

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Lying to your readers isn’t just bad form; it’s also against anti-spam laws. Even if you do somehow manage to make it into the inbox with this type of message, your readers will feel duped by your deceitful subject line, and they’ll be quick to unsubscribe and mark your email as spam, hurting not only your current campaign, but all future messages as well.

There is never an excuse for being dishonest–chose your keywords wisely, find a unique spin, and compel your audience to read what you’re actually promoting.

Same Subject, Different Day

Subject 1: Don’t Miss Your Chance This Wednesday

Subject 2: Don’t Miss Your Chance This Wednesday

Subject 3: Don’t Miss Your Chance This Wednesday

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Are you seeing twins or triplets in your inbox? If you have multiple emails with the same subject line, then it’s only natural to assume that they’re all the same. Email recipients will either delete the duplicate emails, or be aggravated enough to click that “unsubscribe” button again.

When launching multiple promotions for the same event or opportunity, change your approach, slowly ramp up the urgency, and find new ways to rephrase your text.

Ease Off The Cheese

As we scroll through our emails, it’s normal to skim through subjects and select “delete” before ever reading the contents of a message. Your header is the face of your email, and you’ll want to make it count.

Follow our subject line writing tips, avoid common spam words, and ease off those “get clicks quick” schemes. You’ve put in the time to craft the perfect email; don’t forget the final most important step by falling victim to haphazard subject lines that land in the trash, unopened.