An incredible view of the waters off Maui

The View From My Office

An incredible view of the waters off Maui for the Talk Fusion Executive Team

It’s 82 degrees and breezy in beautiful Maui, Hawaii today. Haleakala Mountain sits proudly on the horizon and kisses the clouds; crashing waves and chirping birds act as a peaceful soundtrack to a perfect day.

This place—the island, this spectacular resort, and the Dream Getaway experience itself—truly is paradise.

The Talk Fusion Executive Team

Although the Executive Team is 4,600 miles from the Corporate Office, they’ve been plugged in and busy as ever these past few days in Maui. They’ve traded in their desk chairs and office supplies for the pool deck and sunglasses, but the team is still working their behind-the-scenes magic to bring more dreams to life at Talk Fusion.

Yes, Tampa, Florida is wonderful in many ways, but there are very few places on Earth that can hold a candle to the island of Maui. The Executive Team hopes to see YOU here for the next Dream Getaway in December, but in the meantime, take a look and enjoy the view from our office. Click each picture to see a larger—and amazing—view.

VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts in Maui
VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts takes stage at the Grand Wailea.

Jeanne taking a call, making things happen!
The Talk Fusion business opportunity is changing lives around the world and around the clock. Even from paradise, VP of Global Business Development Jeanne Dickson doesn’t miss a beat!

Producer/Editor David in Hawaii
Producer & Editor David loves returning to Maui twice a year to capture priceless moments and scenic views.

Customer Support Supervisor Jessie takes in the view
Toes in the sand and Dream Getaway agenda in hand, Customer Support Supervisor Jessie is MORE than ready for an amazing vacation!

Creative directing from the hot tub
Creative Director Allyson has placed a request to have a hot tub built in to her office in Tampa, Florida. Can you blame her?

Support at the pool
IT Help Desk Technician Javaun is testing products and assisting Associates and Customers in between laps at the Grand Wailea pool.

Writing a blog post in Maui about writing a blog post in Maui
Blog writing with a beautiful view? Creative Writer Stephanie can get used to this!

Anxious to see what the Executive Team and our Dream Getaway winners are up to next? Track the hashtag #DreamGetaway all week long and get ready to witness some spectacular Maui memories!

We’re kicking off the May Dream Getaway tonight at the Dream Getaway Gala and we couldn’t be more excited, so get plugged in and stay tuned!