what's the "value" of doing this?

The “Value” of Franchising

I am about to drop a truth bomb on you.


The system is designed to make most people fail.

That 9-5 life? You’re going to be trapped in it. That’s why people fall for the get rich quick schemes, the empty promises.

In fact, some even invest thousands upon thousands of dollars to try to “make it” through franchising.

Many think that by opening up their own franchise of a successful business, they’re going to find the wealth they’ve been looking for all along. They are dealing with an established business, after all, so the thinking is this will make things easier.

But, how much does it really cost to own and operate a franchise?

Anywhere from $10,000 to millions of dollars, according to Franchising.com. And that doesn’t even include other start-up costs for lawyer fees, franchising fees, and more.

Oh, and if that’s not enough for you — franchisors also generally have some requirements to meet before letting anyone join. They require liquidity, as well as some minimum level of net worth. You’re not going to start off with profits rolling in, you’re starting off with a decent amount of YOUR money invested in something that could potentially take years to see a profit. AND you’ll have to invest a lot of your time into developing the business.

Does this sound like a feasible option to you?

It shouldn’t. You shouldn’t have to invest thousands upon thousands of your hard-earned money just to try and turn a profit, and you shouldn’t have to work 80 hours a week to reach your goals. There’s an easier way to earn the time freedom and money freedom you need.

At the end of the day, when dealing with a franchise, you’re investing your own money and earning off your own efforts.

But there is a better way — earning off the efforts of a global team committed to EVERYONE’S success!

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Begin earning right away AND earn off the efforts of others? You won’t get that kind of leverage with a franchise.

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