Talk Fusion widescreen template contest

The Race to Widescreen

Talk Fusion widescreen template contestInnovation, opportunity, and timing – three simple words with an indescribable impact. Here at Talk Fusion, these are the ingredients that inspire us to push forward, evolve new ideas, and improve what’s already been perfected.

With our latest product innovation, widescreen Video Email, we decided to take one extra leap: bringing timing and opportunity back to you, we launched a social media challenge that congratulated those who seized opportunity at just the right moment.

The Challenge

In today’s world of limitless information, Video Email helps everyday people connect in a more real and intimate way. We know why we love this product, but we wanted to hear from you.

The contest rules were simple: tell us what you love most about Talk Fusion’s Video Email product, and we’ll reward you with a free widescreen version of any preexisting custom Video Email template.


And the Winners Are…

The decision was tough, but after careful deliberation, we finally chose the top 25 most creative responses from Facebook and the absolute best 15 re-posts from Instagram. Congratulations to all the winners!


Patti Sutherland
Janice Silva
Cedric Penn
Miklos Tolnai
Guilherme da Costa Barros
Marcom GDL
Bishal Royal
Connie Lodell
Benyamin Budi Susilo
Mike Copeland
Tracy Zhykhovich
Freddy Acuna

“Widescreen Video Email allows you to be in front of your customers when you can’t be there in person.” –Mike Copeland

Edward Ridley Tauran
Yvonne Mellard
Tony Cortes
Riyo Soebandriyo
Aleta Satterthwaite Batz
John Challinor
Freddie Maw IV
Erwin Sugianto
Budi Huang
Kelton Alexander
Jeff Celentano
Fredy Gumulya
Somar Martinl

“… the power of television with the ease and simplicity of sending an email.” –Kelton Alexander


Shishir Pandey
Carlos Palma
Jeanny Sinciasari
Arvy Naviyana
Tony Hansen
Remon Pakpahan

“This has become not only my favorite method of email communication, it has become my ONLY method of email communications… it is simply the most comprehensive way of expressing, thoughts, ideas & most importantly, my love & regard for those I care about.” -Tony Hansen

Marco Izurieta Coronel
Ricke Hendriyani
Kevin Robinson
Mario Halim & Ryani Irawan
Marcell Halim
Moh Atmaji Windrianto
Miklos Tolnai
Magali Perion
Happy Velice

“I love video e-mails because with this I can create a personal atmosphere. I feel it when I get positive responses.” -Miklos Tolnai

Templates Coming Soon

New Talk Fusion Video Email Custom Template

Our widescreen templates will give our Associates and Customers more opportunities to connect with sleek, impactful, and polished sending; and our skilled designers are taking the contest winners there before anyone else.

Talk Fusion Video Email Custom in Widescreen Talk Fusion Custom Video Email Template
All of these beautiful re-designs will be available for the winners as soon as our widescreen product officially launches, and this is only the beginning. We loved hearing from you, and we can guarantee that this won’t be our last social media contest. All you have to do is stay alert – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, keep an eye on your inbox, and say: yes to the next challenge.