The Programmer's Perspective

The Programmer’s Perspective: CONNECT Live Meetings

The Programmer's PerspectiveThe world’s next technological breakthrough is literally at Senior Web Application Developer Ryan P.’s fingertips. Ryan is one of the many talented product developers who work alongside Director of Information Technology Dr. Jonathan Chen and Chief Technical Officer Jason L. to create our world-renowned video communication products in-house. Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Talk Fusion product developer is like? For Ryan, the most microscopic programming details are what make the world go round.

Ryan has worked diligently with the rest of the CONNECT Live Meetings team on the analysis and development of our redesigned video broadcast platform. With beta testing beginning soon, we decided to check in with Ryan to get the exclusive “Programmer’s Perspective.”


Fact: Product development is not a walk in the park. This is especially true while creating something as large, unique, and complex as CONNECT Live Meetings. Because Live Meetings is a real-time application, according to Ryan, “the level of complexity is unlike many other traditional applications you see on the web today.” Like a perfectly precise Rolex watch with hundreds of ticking gears inside, rare real-time applications like Live Meetings create a priceless “WOW” factor on the surface but require layers upon layers of detailed coding in order to perform.


“Many of the tools used in CONNECT Live Meetings are considered bleeding edge—beyond the industry’s standard,” Ryan said. “In order to strive for greatness, we must always be pushing the boundaries on what can be produced in a rapid, stable manner.”

In order to continue Talk Fusion’s legacy as the world leader in video communication, the CONNECT Live Meetings team uses “nothing short of the most powerful tools in the industry” to create our products. This means that Talk Fusion’s Associates and Customers have instant access to the most valuable technology available–and when the next wave of innovations come, Talk Fusion will be standing at the forefront.


Stationed in Dallas, Texas, the IT Department communicates and works directly with the Corporate Office team in Brandon, Florida. On both ends, their top priority is creating a product that has a stellar user experience. High-level concepts for the product’s sleek look and simple functionality are designed by Creative Director Allyson J. and VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts; then the IT Department uses their programming expertise to bring these ideas to life.

In order to build new versions of the code and test its current functionality, Ryan and the CONNECT Live Meetings team value “automation.” This leads to “shorter lead-time for new features, high customer satisfaction, and most of all, a better overall product.”

Ryan said the team also uses a series of “different techniques and processes in order to create a wonderful product that is fun and easy to use; but most of all secure, stable, and performance oriented.” They’ve spent countless hours logging and analyzing the product to eliminate confusion, errors, and gaps in the system. Over 2.6 million lines of code later, the results are magnificent.


“From designers to developers,” Ryan said, “we all do our part in making sure we are as efficient as possible.” Project management is key in such a large application, and the Talk Fusion team certainly stands by that statement. Using a project management system called Trello, the Dallas and Brandon offices are able to ask questions, show progress, update files, give feedback, and manage their workflow while creating new software. With this efficient system, the team will never miss a beat–resulting in an amazing, high quality production.

The result? “Insight and complete awareness into everything that is going on during the development life-cycle at all times,” Ryan said. “The amount of hard work in this product is staggering–something that we are all proud of. Hopefully, it shows.”


Since its launch in February, Talk Fusion’s 3-1 video conferencing platform has proved to be a cutting-edge asset in online communication. Talk Fusion takes pride that our world-class products can unite people across the world.

But the thing that makes Talk Fusion stand out from the rest? We never stop climbing. We are never stagnant. From our programming masterminds to our graphic gurus, the Talk Fusion Executive Team is constantly researching new ways to raise the bar–whether through breakthrough technology, adding enhancements, or creating new ways to market our products. The all-new CONNECT Live Meetings is a prime example of this.

“This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is,” Ryan said, “and how important our processes are in creating a magnificent application. It’s something that is completely priceless.”