The Perks of One-On-One Product Training

The Perks of One-On-One Product Training

The Perks of One-On-One Product Training

We’re raising our esteemed customer service standards even higher so you can make the most out of our innovative video marketing products and build stronger relationships. Available for any Talk Fusion product and offered through Live Meetings, our face-to-face product trainings are as easy as schedule, meet, and learn!

There are countless benefits of attending a live, video product training with knowledgeable members of the Talk Fusion Support Team. Join the growing list of people worldwide who have found our training sessions to be “terrific and educational” and “unforgettable experiences” offered by the “best support team in the world.”

Practice Makes Perfect

From Video Email to Video Chat, each of our video marketing products are designed to make communication personal, impactful, and easy. Are you using them to their full potential? Are you building relationships with the power of video? We can teach you how!

Beginner or seasoned expert, anyone can master the art of video communication. Developing and refreshing your product knowledge is vital to your success, and the best way to do that is to simply use the products. The more accustomed you are with scheduling meetings and sending unique video messages, the more seamless the process will be. We’re here to help you learn and have fun along the way.

Call On the Experts

Our Support Specialists know our products inside and out because they play key roles in product development and enhancement, from collaborative sessions with our in-house IT Department to testing features and quality control. They’re eager to answer questions and offer their expertise throughout each product training so you can enter your Product Dashboard with confidence every day.

“This is where the rubber meets the road,” said IT Help Desk Technician Don Y. “These one-on-one appointments will make everyone who calls even more comfortable and confident while using and sharing Talk Fusion products with others.”

Increased Comprehension; Instant Gratification

Watch and learn in real-time as a member of our Support Team walks you through your product interface of choice. This interactive customer service experience increases comprehension and fuels results. In fact, video conferencing increases meeting productivity by 200%. Connecting face-to-face via Live Meetings will accelerate your learning process!

“Nothing beats face-to-face interaction,” said IT Help Desk Technician Javaun M. “We offer a more personal experience and it definitely makes an impact. Users can follow along and see exactly what I’m doing click for click, so I can answer questions and offer solutions faster than ever.”

Scheduling is Easy

Our interactive product trainings are raising the bar and making a difference in peoples’ lives each day. Appointments are filling up fast, so now is the best time to schedule yours!

To schedule* a face-to-face live video training on any Talk Fusion product, simply email Support at or call +1 813.651.4030.

You can set an appointment for any number of reasons:

  • To learn everything about the latest updates
  • To prepare for a big meeting
  • To learn more about our customization options
  • To sharpen your skills and enhance workflow
  • When you’re gearing up to start your next campaign

Encourage others to do the same!

  • When you welcome new members to your team
  • When others come to you with product inquiries (lead them to the professionals!)
  • To spark superior productivity from your team
  • If a team member is unfamiliar with certain features

From sending video emails and video newsletters to scheduling and hosting live broadcasts, our Support Specialists are here to make you a product expert in an hour or less. Your personal video training will set you on the track to success.

*Please note: In order to receive our incredible one-on-one video training, you need to have a webcam and both speak and understand English (or have someone present who can).