The Importance of Why

The Importance of “Why”

The Importance of WhyThe secret to true success and financial freedom in the direct selling industry can be found in the answers to two absolutely vital “why” questions.

The first “why” is at the very heart of your motivation. Why is your Dream important to you? Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina has always said “With a big enough Dream, you can accomplish anything you set your mind and heart to. But first you have to know why you need a change.”

That’s a very big question, and it’s one that only you can answer.

The second “why” we can help you answer. “Why is Talk Fusion the perfect opportunity to make your Dream come true?”

I think we’ve got that covered for you!


We’re ranked among the top companies in the world for direct selling momentum! We’re launching more new products, expanding further into a global marketplace that’s already over 140 countries strong, and attracting even more top industry leaders who recognize Talk Fusion’s amazing potential!


We’re breaking industry records for paying people faster than anyone else with our World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan – literally 3 minutes after the sale! On top of that, we give you everything you need to make your business incredibly successful, including the same powerful business system that Talk Fusion Leaders use to earn their spot in the global Top 200 Direct Sellers List!


No one else has what Talk Fusion offers! Our patent-pending video communication products set us apart from EVERY single direct selling company in the industry! Show off the hottest video products available in the market and we’ll pay you to share them!

Are those enough reasons? But WAIT! There’s more.

We’ve condensed all of the energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and timing of the Talk Fusion Opportunity into a powerhouse PDF titled “Why Talk Fusion.” This insightful one-page document is translated in EnglishRussian and Bahasa in the Resources Section of your Back Office.
“Why Talk Fusion” is a compact blast of compelling information and creative inspiration. Read it again and again. Why? Because you made an excellent decision to join Talk Fusion. Share it over and over with all of your Prospects so they truly understand that now IS the time to become part of the momentum!Why are you still here? Go download and share “Why Talk Fusion!”

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