Talk Fusion: global leader in WebRTC development

Talk Fusion Leading the Way in WebRTC Development

Talk Fusion: global leader in WebRTC developmentRemember when Founder & CEO Bob Reina said, “the key to creating massive wealth is to see where the masses are going and get there first”?

That’s exactly what Talk Fusion has done with our WebRTC development.

It’s only been a few short years since WebRTC first became the new target of interest and curiosity in the tech world. Talk Fusion’s IT Team dove in immediately.

And here we are, in 2016, winning major technology awards and standing at the forefront of this massive trend.

“WebRTC represents the most meaningful breakthrough in communications and the construct of the web from the last 10 years – maybe more.”

(Tokbox, “Why WebRTC Will Drive the Next Billion Dollar Company”)


Many reports say there are now more than 700 companies “using WebRTC in some of their applications and the number is growing at a rate of 50% every year”, but what they haven’t considered is Talk Fusion’s massive global reach.


Consider this:
Our products are marketed person to person at an exponential rate worldwide.
Our customer base extends far beyond 140 countries.
Nonprofit organizations use our products daily to spread their message.
Hundreds of people sign up to try Talk Fusion for free each month.
And not just one of our products harnesses the powerful technology; all of them do.


So not only were we one of the very firsts to develop WebRTC-based communication applications, but we have by far the largest global reach—and momentum that cannot be beat.

Our goal is to make Video Chat the top downloaded communication app in the world. Together, we can make it happen!

We are Talk Fusion, a global leader in WebRTC technology!