Talk Fusion gives back with free charity accounts

Talk Fusion: A Nonprofit’s Solution for Marketing Success

Talk Fusion gives back with free charity accountsAt Talk Fusion, we believe that success should be shared and voices should be heard—especially when they’re devoted to doing good and making a difference.

Our Charity Account program helps take that mission to the next level.

Since its inauguration in April of this year, the program has allowed nonprofit organizations across the globe to feel the warmth and generosity—not to mention the profound benefits—of Talk Fusion’s commitment to giving back. By empowering Associates to gift our Custom Plan to the charity of their choice at no charge, beneficiaries can now spread their message, raise awareness, and inspire greater community involvement without tapping in to their limited budgets.

And for organizations like Unity Community of Central Oregon, that makes a huge difference.

“I am just in awe that you would have that kind of a consciousness to build this into your program, this generosity,” senior minister Reverend Jane Hiatt shared. “I think it’s wonderful.”

From inspiring members with weekly Video Newsletters to welcoming newcomers with personal Video Emails, Unity Community of Central Oregon can share and execute their vision “in a more effective way”.

The all-in-one Video Marketing Solution’s wide range of products has also sparked new ideas and possibilities for the community, with plans on the horizon to use Live Meetings to further unite supporters.

And they’re certainly not the only charity using our technology to break out of their shell and bring their cause to light.

Melissa R. Fahy, CEO of Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco, Inc., is “absolutely thrilled and thankful” for the clinic’s newfound ability to stand out, brand themselves with custom template designs, and expand their reach beyond previous “snail mail” and Facebook marketing endeavors.

The positive feedback that follows every Video Email and Video Newsletter message they send is pretty sweet, too. “It allows for a story to be told, it allows for the emotions to be felt,” Melissa said, “not to mention it shows our agency is tech-savvy.

“Talk Fusion gives the small shop a much bigger persona in the social media arena,” she added. “We have a long history in our community but a very small budget; this gift and partnership will give our free clinic WINGS!”

To learn more about Talk Fusion’s philanthropic endeavors and Charity Accounts, visit or follow us on Facebook. Want to join us on our mission? Start your journey today at