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Poverty is Your (Temporary) Problem

It’s not your fault that you grew up poor. Life dealt you a bad hand—it’s not your fault, but it IS your problem. For the rest of your life, you gotta make it your mission to SOLVE that problem. How? Easy. Leave where you came from in the rearview and focus in on where you’re […]

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How to Host Live Meetings with Confidence by Talk Fusion

How to Host Live Meetings with CONFIDENCE

Hosting a live broadcast can be just as nerve-racking as any in-person speech, meeting, or presentation—if not more. Although you can’t see your audience (or gage their reactions to your content and delivery), the LAST thing you want to do is fumble or falter in front of them. Plot twist: the more confident you feel […]

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Ladies, Put On Your Power Suits

It’s a great time to be a woman – and an even better time to Be Your Own Boss Lady. This past year, the United States has been buzzing nonstop with stories about women making history. Female politicians are breaking the glass ceiling as they pursue leadership roles never before achieved in our country. Across […]

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