Strong subject lines for effective email marketing

Subject Lines that Improve Open Rates

So you’re gearing up to launch an email marketing campaign. It seems so simple, like you shouldn’t have to think twice to be successful. That’s what Joe thought. He had everything: a great product, a strong contact list, and amazing copy for his emails. But he got lazy and suffered from Subject Line Oversight. At […]

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all-new professional sales letters for YOU

Getting the Word Out About Free Trials!

Free Trials are more than an incredible, hands-on way to try Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution before you buy. For Talk Fusion Associates, they are an easy-to-use icebreaker to begin an exciting conversation with a potential Customer and show them the power of marketing with video. The word “free” is sure to catch anyone’s […]

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Time to Spring Clean your email list!

Time for Spring Cleaning

Keep your email addresses from getting dusty! March 20th marks the first day of spring in 2015. It reminds us that life continues; that everything is new, and young, and fresh again. It gives us the chance to put away winter things and concentrate on the future with new energy. For many people, it involves […]

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