The Importance of Why

The Importance of “Why”

The secret to true success and financial freedom in the direct selling industry can be found in the answers to two absolutely vital “why” questions. The first “why” is at the very heart of your motivation. Why is your Dream important to you? Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina has always said “With a […]

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Video Producer David works magic on the new Business Opportunity video

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Best Opportunity (Video) in the Industry!

These days, technology moves fast and the internet moves even faster. “Buzz” comes from the latest news and the next “big thing.” That’s why Talk Fusion never sleeps. We’re always innovating, enhancing, and adding to our patent-pending technology; we’re creating the “Buzz.” That’s how our pioneering video communication products constantly stay ahead of the pack—we […]

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Talk Fusion develops innovations with WebRTC

It’s Time You Learned About WebRTC…

Remember when we could only communicate long distance through hand-written letters and phone conversations? Those days are far behind us. Now we share stories and collaborate in email chains, group text messages, and video conferences, but even that is about to change. Hold on to your smartphones and iPads, ladies and gentlemen, because the next […]

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Teachers use Talk Fusion Video Chat to Read Across America

Reading Across America with Video Chat

March 2nd, 2015 isn’t your average Monday. Sure, there are buzzing alarm clocks and morning traffic, but the National Education Association’s “Read Across America Day” adds exciting plot twists, dog-eared pages, and quirky characters to the mix. Over 45 million Americans gathered together in their communities, classrooms, and living rooms to celebrate the power of […]

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Talk Fusion CONNECT gives the deaf a means to communicate

Life-Changing Connections

Changing lives: it’s our mission here at Talk Fusion, deeply embedded in our corporate culture. Between our industry-first products and unique business opportunity, people are able to live their dreams every day. It’s well known that our innovative CONNECT products change the way people market their businesses online and share special moments with loved ones, […]

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