Achieving Work/Life Balance

Sixty-six percent of adults in the United States feel that they don’t have a good work/life balance. That’s TWO-THIRDS of the country who are more likely to face adverse health issues such as heart disease, stroke, or depression from being under a lot of workplace stress. The U.S. also ranks 30th out of 38 countries […]

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Talk Fusion in the news

Release Fact Feature Story: “Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Are on the Cusp of Re-Inventing Communications”

As a forerunner in the WebRTC space, Talk Fusion is capturing the attention of major media outlets worldwide. In November’s trending Release Facts article, Brian Harris acknowledges Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s vision and determination to “jump in feet first” into WebRTC development. Harris writes, “To Reina, WebRTC is presenting an opportunity that will not come around again […]

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