Video Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

7 Video Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

We’ve all see it: the poor quality promotion with a nervous presenter, confusing message, and tacky script. It’s the type of advertisement that instantly deflates a brand’s value and forever deters an audience, but it’s also preventable. 1. Forgetting Your Audience How do you create an ad that appeals to the entire population at once? […]

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Talk Fusion Worst Email Subject Lines

The Worst Email Subject Lines

MUST READ ~~~ thiis is the BEST tning EvEr (LOL)!!!!!!! Feeling dissuaded? It’s not just you. First impressions are important, and the wrong opener will strip even the most charming message of its credibility. The weight of an email campaign rests in the hands of the header; choose an unpleasant string of text, and your […]

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