Talk Fusion Independent Associates at Dubai Airport

18 Feelings You Experience as a Talk Fusion Associate

Building your own Talk Fusion business sparks a wide range of emotions: Excitement. Anticipation. Pride. Determination… and everything in between. Here are 18 feelings our Associates know all too well. Any of these sound familiar? 1. When the whole squad qualifies for Dream Getaway. 2. Riding around in your free Mercedes-Benz. 3. When you realize you hit the next […]

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Three minute stop watch

Happiness is Just Three Minutes Away

What can you achieve in three minutes? We know 180 seconds doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but you’ll be surprised by all the things you can do (some of them are more profitable than others)! In three minutes, you can…   1. Walk around the block Say hi to your neighbors, smell the roses, enjoy some […]

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A New Way to Join Talk Fusion

Associates by the thousands gathered at the Talk Fusion live broadcast on Wednesday, August 18 to hear the announcement that Video Chat Beta was going live. They had been anxiously awaiting that news, and they weren’t disappointed. But there was another surprise in store for them. Hot on the heels of the Video Chat Beta […]

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The Importance of Why

The Importance of “Why”

The secret to true success and financial freedom in the direct selling industry can be found in the answers to two absolutely vital “why” questions. The first “why” is at the very heart of your motivation. Why is your Dream important to you? Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina has always said “With a […]

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