SPCA Florida Wellness Wagon by Talk Fusion

SPCA Florida Adoptions Rise Thanks to Talk Fusion

SPCA Florida Wellness Wagon by Talk Fusion
In 2014, Talk Fusion donated new vans to SPCA Florida, to help take the nonprofit organization’s dedication to animal welfare “On the Move.” Decked out in adorable photos of animals whose lives are saved and improved by the SPCA, these “Wellness Wagons” helped fuel an incredible milestone for the local animal wellness center in 2016.

SPCA Director of Digital Marketing & Development Jane Bell recently shared the year-end achievement with Founder & CEO Bob Reina, the philanthropist who made it all possible:

“We reached our 4,000 adoptions goal just a few minutes ago (plus one) and most of those were made possible through your van donation to us. 64 of the last 200 came in from the hoarding rescue we were able to do because of your van donation. Additionally, most of the animals we bring in come from Polk County Animal Services and are picked up using the same vans. We would truly not have been able to do this without your support.– Jane Bell, SPCA


The Wellness Wagon donation is one of many generous contributions Talk Fusion has made to aid SPCA Florida on their mission. From using Video Email to promote their cause and raise awareness and donations, to saving lives with the Talk Fusion-sponsored Feral Cat Patio, and much more, SPCA Florida is now better able to improve the quality of life for pets and their owners throughout the community.

“We’re so proud to have helped SPCA Florida not only reach, but exceed their adoption goal for 2016,” said Founder & CEO Bob Reina. “These heartwarming moments and accomplishments are what giving back is all about: making a difference.”

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