Servant Leadership Saves a Young Boy’s Life

UPDATE: Aleksandr has set up a fundraising account to help support Misha’s medical expenses. If you’d like to join the cause and make a donation, you can do so here!

Associate Aleksandr Plohih of Arkhangelsk, Russia is a lifesaver.

He was unexpectedly contacted by worried parents Rinat and Natalya of St. Petersburg on social media. When he heard their story, it didn’t matter that they were strangers, or even that they were asking for money.

What mattered: their young son, Misha, was very ill. His misdiagnosed muscular conditions were getting worse and worse with each day. The family needed answers immediately, but the only geneticists who could help were located all the way in Moscow; even worse, they required 50,000 rubles. Rinat and Natalya had already managed to collect half the funds, but it still wasn’t enough to save their son.

“I have always had a dream to help people solve some serious problem,” Aleksandr recalled. He knew that this was his chance to follow in Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s footsteps and give back to those in need. “Giving back is so important. Talk Fusion helps a great deal of people and is a very reliable company.”

Talk Fusion Associates came together to save Misha's life.Aleksandr met the family face to face via Video Chat and learned more about Misha’s story. He was born a normal child, but a series of vaccinations he received as a young toddler caused serious nerve and muscle damage that affected his development and health. Doctors and his parents feared that the problem might be muscular dystrophy.

Aleksandr, who was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy, immediately took the story to heart. “I know the true value of life,” he explained, “as I am a disabled person myself and I overcame a lot of operations.”

Although the 23-year-old Associate is confined to a wheelchair, he is not defined by his wheelchair. Talk Fusion’s Business Opportunity and unique suite of video communication products give Aleksandr freedom of expression and the ability to live life on his own terms.

Click the image above to watch Aleksandr’s Video Email!

Aleksandr set out to help Misha’s family immediately. He made a personal donation and sent Video Emails to raise awareness and inspire others to support the cause. Within a few days, the remaining funds were donated by fellow Talk Fusion team members in Russia and Grand Blue Diamonds Cedric Penn and Ron Wright of the USA!

Thanks to Aleksandr, Misha was seen by the doctors in Moscow and has begun his journey towards a healthier and happier life. His parents, Rinat and Natalya, are beyond grateful for Aleksandr’s compassion and continued support.

It was the same Talk Fusion dedication that Aleksandr puts to use every day. He builds a flourishing business from home and even promotes the Talk Fusion brand on the go with custom-designed wheelchair banners donated by Grand Blue Diamonds Cedric and Ron.

These simple acts of selflessness prove that what’s rewarded is repeated, as the company’s commitment to Servant Leadership continues to improve the lives of others and make a difference worldwide.

“Misha’s parents told us that we are people with great hearts,” Aleksandr said with a smile. “We managed to save their child’s life.”

Talk Fusion Associate Aleksandr Plohih loves his custom-branded wheels.