Anything is Possible

Septian Suryawirawan’s Rise to the Top

Then & Now

If you ask Blue Diamond Septian Suryawirawan what success means to him, he’ll remind you of the days when it seemed like a very distant dream; something he feared he would never achieve in his lifetime.

The Septian you see now—rocking his Rolex watch and $1,000,000 earner Recognition Ring; driving through the streets of Indonesia in a Talk Fusion-branded Mercedes-Benz that the company purchased for him —is not the same person he used to be.

Talk Fusion Recognition Rings

Just a few years ago, the former mall clown was struggling to keep a roof over his head and food on the table for his beloved grandmother. Living off a $3 wage, Septian worried he would never get out of his daunting financial slump.

He certainly never thought he would one day marry his dream girl and throw the most extravagant wedding party Indonesia has ever seen… but life works in mysterious ways–wonderful ways–when you dream big enough.

The Ultimate Transformation

Talk Fusion Diamond Days in Indonesia

Septian’s life changed the moment he joined Talk Fusion and got to work. It wasn’t easy. He fought hard every day to overcome adversity and climb the ranks.

It was well worth it.

Fast-forward to July 17th, 2016, when Septian gave his bride, Sylvie, the wedding of her dreams. He’s been the talk of Indonesia ever since, making headlines in major lifestyle publications and capturing the attention of thousands from coast to coast.

Indonesian Lifestyle Magazine

Hosted by famous emcees and elegantly adorned in over-the-top décor, the two-day wedding spectacle was more than just a celebration of love and happiness for these newlyweds. Guests got a taste of the dream lifestyle, too: Septian has become so successful with Talk Fusion that he gave away a studio apartment as a door prize at the reception.

Yes, you read that correctly: AN APARTMENT! A lucky guest received a beautiful, rent-free apartment for one year at Septian’s expense.

But he didn’t stop there. Septian also gave away a smartphone, iPad Mini, and vacation vouchers for a five-star hotel in Surabaya. He calls the grand gestures “Sharing Happiness.”

“You only live once. If you can get rich, why should you die poor?”
– Septian Suryawirawan

 Big wedding cake in Indonesia

Will YOU Be Next?

By working hard and following his dreams, Septian made them all come true (and then some!) thanks to Talk Fusion.

Now it’s your turn.

Just follow the Diamond Rush’s simple, proven system! It’s never too late to create the dream lifestyle you deserve. Check your calendar for daily Diamond Rush Training presentation times in multiple languages and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Septian Suryawirawan and Sylvie share wedding cake Talk Fusion's Septian Suryawirawan gains media attention in Indonesia


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