Talk Fusion Associate Invites Customer

Sales Tip: Vocalizing BENEFIT and VALUE Increases the Likelihood of a Sale

You’re about to learn a new language in 5 minutes or less.

That language is BENEFIT, and when you speak it fluently, your potential new customers will instantly see why they can’t possibly spend another day without our video marketing products. If you’re looking to tighten your conversion rates and earn our monthly Customer Pool bonus, just follow our lead: focusing on targeted phrasing, consumer analysis, and value during the invitation can make a huge impact on your Talk Fusion business.

Audience Appeal

Positioning is EVERYTHING in sales, but it’s not a “one size fits all” deal. Just like a custom Video Email template is designed to match your brand and personality, your message should always be tailored to its recipient.

It doesn’t matter if your prospect runs a big corporation or a small business; position or frame your pitch so that it appeals to their trade and tribulations: what kind of business are they operating, and what troubles / areas of improvement can our products help them with?

jeweler measuring the value of a gemSCENARIO: Your friend Jerry owns a jewelry store. He recently shared that he struggles to keep his doors open between big holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. This is a perfect opportunity for you to spark his interest in our products.

YOU: “Jerry, I’ve been thinking about what you said earlier about keeping sales steady. Wouldn’t you agree that your business kind of goes ‘out of sight and out of mind’ during the off-season, and that’s why customers forget to look to you as an option when there’s no holiday rush or sale going on?”

Wait for Jerry to either agree with you or correct you, and be sure to really listen to his response before moving forward. For this example, let’s say Jerry agreed with your statement, and you can sense that he’s curious to hear what you’ll say next.

YOU: “You should really look into email marketing; you’d be surprised by how easily you can build relationships with your customers and stay top-of-mind year-round.”

Now here comes the formal invitation…

YOU: “Tell you what—if I could show you a product that can help you keep customers interested, drive repeat business with special offers and videos, and even capture new leads to boost your revenue, would you take 5 minutes to learn more about it?”

See what we did there? By listening to Jerry’s situation and phrasing your invitation accordingly, you’ve proved that you genuinely care about the success of his business (and you’re not just hungry to make a sale). The best part: by offering a benefit-driven outcome in your invitation, you’ve created value around our Video Marketing Solution. This will prompt Jerry to take the next step and view the Talk Fusion Presentation.

Features vs. Outcomes

Did you notice that, in the example above, we didn’t mention one single feature about the products at hand: Video Email, Newsletters, or Sign-up Forms? Our live presentations and six-minute video cover those grounds perfectly; instead, we chose to spend the 1-2 minute invitation describing our products in terms that Jerry could resonate with and benefit from.

That’s because people aren’t interested in products;
they’re interested in results.

business owners looking at a growth chart

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the prospect’s bottom line. How will Talk Fusion help them increase revenue, get more customers, save time and money, etc.? If your invitation doesn’t clearly communicate potential outcomes, you’re probably focusing on the wrong things.

Real Talk:
We know it’s easy to get excited and caught up in all the awesome features that make our products unique, but remember to always bring it back to the customer.
So instead of saying, “We have a video conferencing product that lets you share your desktop and files with up to 500 people,” share HOW these presenter controls make for a better, more collaborative and interactive meeting, eliminating the need for expensive travel or boring conference calls.

A Shift in Perspective

As an Associate, you know that our products are built on the most modern technology available, that they’ve won innovative Product of the Year awards, and that our world-class Support Team answers the phone within 3 rings or less. While these are incredible things to be proud of, if you just list them off to your prospect during an invitation, you’ll have them thinking, “So? Good for you…but what does that have to do with ME?”

THIS JUST IN: All the bells, whistles, buttons, and buzzwords in the book mean nothing if they don’t paint a proper picture of how the prospect’s life or business will improve post-purchase!

Coffee shop owner on laptopWhat’s in it for me? Let’s break it down—

Modern technology: The products perform smoothly and are easy to use, so you can get MORE done in LESS time. Plus, the quality is incredible, so you’ll look good and make a lasting impression while marketing to or connecting with customers and clients.

Awards: These awards aren’t just plaques on the wall; they’re evidence that we’re constantly developing new ways to give businesses, organizations, and people the tools they need to get RESULTS. We have an effective, all-inclusive solution for marketers everywhere—including you.

Support: No tech or marketing expertise? No problem. Talk Fusion offers live trainings and reliable email and phone support; plus product tutorials, white papers, and marketing resources to guide you and inspire your next successful campaign. Simple!

Show the World What We’ve Got!

Whether you’re explaining to a potential new customer how Live Meetings and Video Chat can improve their customer service ratings, or you’re comparing engagement-boosting video emails to boring black-and-white emails, lead with the benefits and you can’t go wrong.

Want more tips? Refer the Impact Guide in your Back Office to learn how to build your customer base like a pro!