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Poverty is Your (Temporary) Problem

It’s not your fault that you grew up poor.

Life dealt you a bad hand—it’s not your fault, but it IS your problem.

For the rest of your life, you gotta make it your mission to SOLVE that problem.

How? Easy. Leave where you came from in the rearview and focus in on where you’re going.

I’m not talking about physical location. I’m talking about lifestyle. Your quality of life is your PROBLEM.

Success is the most powerful problem solver.

Claim what ought to be yours and go get it. Demand it. Be ruthless. Shuffle that deck and pound on those doors. Strategize so hard and outshine everyone on the way to the top.

Be the comeback kid.
The underdog with the harsh bite.

The poverty excuse is only valid for so long and it won’t ever get you far. Complain to me about not having any money or being disadvantaged and I’m just going to say, “Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?”

You can take comfort in the slums, in the sadness, and in the excuses, or you can make MOVES.

And don’t expect anyone else to do it for you, either. We’ve all got our own cards to deal with. Handle your own.

There are no handouts in life. No golden tickets. No pity advances. Your choices define where you’ll go, and how far you’ll go.

This world is tough. It’s cruel. It’s cold, man. You don’t get a lot of choices, you don’t always get a say, but you can choose how you come up in it.

You can’t control where you start out,
but you can control where you end up.

Status is temporary. Income class is temporary. If you die in the same tax bracket you were born into, shame on you for not advancing.

At the end of the game, if you have those same loser cards in front of you, there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Take charge and be the dealer of your own fate.