Personalize Your Marketing with VIDEO EMAIL

Video is clearly one of the most popular forms of communication online. Industry experts report that email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your customers. Your 30 day Free Trial gives you unlimited access to the best of both: Video Email! What a combination!

With so much email being sent these days, Video Email is your chance to really stand out in your customer’s inbox with a stunning, unique message like nothing they have seen before. It’s your offer, your coupon, your product or service, enhanced and personalized with your video. The result will translate into more visits to your store and website, more sales, and more revenue.

Best of all, it really is easy! Just:

  • Choose a theme.
  • Record or upload your video.
  • Type your message.
  • SEND.

Done! Simple and very effective!

We have themes for any and every occasion with over 1,000 templates waiting for you, in multiple languages. Want a different color? Want to change the image? It’s effortless to customize the look of our Build Your Own template. (Plus, subscribers to the Custom Plan get a free custom Video Email template created by our award-winning art department every month!)

templatesYou can create Video Email for sales campaigns or promos, product demos, special offers, holiday greetings, a gracious “thank you” for your customer’s business, or even just a video greeting for friends and family. The uses are endless, and you can send as many Video Emails as you like during your Free Trial.

The results?

  • Increased brand loyalty and customer retention
  • Better click-through rates than text-only email
  • An extreme competitive advantage
  • Big boost to your business
  • More sales and revenue!

So have you recorded and sent your first Video Email yet?


You can track who opens, reads, and forwards your Video Email! Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution includes comprehensive real-time reports that tell you who’s serious versus just curious. It’s a powerful tool to see which email campaigns gave you the best response and which need adjustment in the future.