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Open Letter to the Haters, the Naysayers, and the Average

There’s no better way to shake up society than to challenge the status quo.

New ideas—BIG ideas—scare people. Change scares people. Pursuing your dreams also scares people, simply because it’s not the norm.

You know what else scares people? Making money.

You talk about making money, or you tell someone that there are better ways to make money, and most people don’t know WHAT to say. They get all flustered and defensive. They’re waiting for the catch. They’re quick to call you “greedy.”

I honestly feel bad for people like that. Their closed-mindedness is CRUSHING their potential, and they don’t even know it.

Average folks hate being told that what they’re doing is wrong, or that they’re being duped by “the system,” or that they could be doing BETTER by doing MORE.

Wait—come again? Success requires hard work? You mean I won’t just wake up one morning and become a millionaire by doing the bare minimum?

Say it ain’t so!

We only hear what we want to hear. We only believe what we want to believe.

That’s why so many people bunker down within the confines of their mediocre lives. They get all too comfortable in their little bubbles, no matter how much discomfort they may feel while clipping their coupons, taking out another loan, and driving their beat-up hooptie to work.


They’ll tell you they’re doing “all right” and they like their house or apartment just the way it is. They don’t see the need to rock the boat.

Here’s where my head goes: Wait, so this is it? This is as good as it’s going to get? You’re totally and completely fine with this? Why are you drooling over an average salary like that’s all the world has to offer you? Why aren’t you pounding on the door, demanding ten times more?

Cue the brush off. Average Joe enters stage right and says, “It is what it is.” “This is how it goes.”

Stop rationalizing your boring, limited lifestyle. Stop spending half of your time complaining, and the other half in front of the TV or scrolling through social media, watching OTHER people live the life you want.

There’s only one you. You only get one life. And THIS is how you want to spend it?

And this is why some people are taken aback by how fired up I get when I talk about this business. They look at me like I’m disturbing the peace or something, because I just broke the news to them: there are better ways to make money. It’s okay to want to be rich. You CAN get everything you want out of life, but you have to be in the right vehicle.

I’ll never apologize for being passionate. I’ll never back down on what I know is true. I’m an activist, baby. I’m proof that our system works. I was once like you, and I KNOW how bad it sucks. So don’t look at ME like I’m crazy; I’m your saving grace.


Listen, when you’re out there sharing Talk Fusion, you’re going to do a lot of sorting. Many people, no matter how bad they need change, are too chicken to make the change.

That’s how you know they’re not the one. At least not now.

Listen, you can’t save everyone. You have to choose wisely. Build your business with coachable people who are determined and strong. People who know what they want.

I have very little tolerance for people who are “on the fence” about their ambitions. Reminds me of being a teenager and asking a girl where she wants to eat. “Hmmm, I don’t know… I don’t care, you pick.” And then every suggestion you make gets shot down. You spend more time arguing about which fast food restaurant to go to than you spend actually eating the food.

My point is, if you don’t VOCALIZE what you want, then how are you going to get it? If you don’t go out and work for what you want, how will it ever become yours? Is someone going to knock on your door and just hand you a million bucks? I swear this must be how the world thinks.

If you’re so quick to fight change and reject people who are on their way to building their dreams, don’t come crying when they’re rich and you’re not.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this: I’d rather be rich because I was curious than broke because I was skeptical.

Founder & CEO Bob Reina