Brandywine Valley SPCA uses Talk Fusion video marketing products

“Marketing a Feeling” with Video

Brandywine Valley SPCA uses Talk Fusion video marketing products

The Brandywine Valley SPCA staff knows that email marketing is the best way to build strong, long-lasting connections with their donors, clinic clients, and volunteers. The Pennsylvania- and Delaware-based nonprofit organization has been using the King of ROI to reach out to the community for years.

Six months ago, however, they realized their marketing efforts needed a little grooming. No matter how many cute photographs and event reminders they sent out, they were continuously unimpressed with the quality and results of their generic emails.

This raised an important question for Brandywine Valley SPCA CEO Adam Lamb, Chief Development Officer Nancy McCall, and Marketing & Public Relations Manager Eli Martinez: How could they bring their energy, passion, and heartfelt commitment to animal advocacy beyond the shelter doors and into their inbox?

The answer was both simple and powerful: Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution!

“Before Talk Fusion, [we] promoted our causes and events the way other small animal shelters do: with a simple e-blast with a few still images,” Adam said. “Talk Fusion changed our e-newsletter to a high quality format with crisp, fresh images.”

The best part?

“[Talk Fusion] also allows us to add video … the ability to market a feeling to our supporters … leaving them with a greater sense of what our organization is doing for the community’s pets.”

There’s Power in the Play Button

Video Newsletter from the SPCAThe Brandywine Valley SPCA uses Video Email to immediately thank their donors, educate clients, and show the adorable personalities of animals that are looking for a “forever home.” Their “Tails from the Heart” Video Newsletter series keeps their patrons informed and intrigued. Engaging their contacts both visually and creatively has made a night-and-day difference. In six months alone, the marketing team has seen a tremendous increase in engagement and adoption rates.

“We have received nothing but wonderful praise and appreciation for our newfound ability to share videos,” Adam said. “Events and promotions are equally affected, adding another layer to the organization’s message.”

Together, Brandywine Valley SPCA’s video emails and newsletters outshine their text-heavy e-blasts of the past.

“Most people’s eyes glaze over these days when they have to read a lot of text, but delight when the same story is told to them using video. Pictures say 1,000 words, but video is 100% more powerful … compelling … heartwarming.”

The all-in-one Video Marketing Solution helps Brandywine Valley SPCA build a brighter future, one video message at a time.

“Every day we’re looking for new ways to use Talk Fusion, including using video to train volunteers and help new pet owners with behavior issues,” Adam said. “Video makes everything come alive and helps keep people engaged.”

Why Talk Fusion?

Adam believes Talk Fusion is the ideal marketing solution for nonprofits that are looking to strengthen community ties, raise awareness, enhance their look, and increase donations and involvement. Here are his top three reasons why:

  1. “Talk Fusion is economical to use. You only pay for the number of constituents you have.”
  2. “Their clean-cut, predesigned templates make your organization look professional, while providing nonprofits with easy-to-use options for customization.”
  3. “Adding in the video component couldn’t be any easier and can be done with a quick download.”

“Thank you, Talk Fusion, for making our job easier!”