Make Your Halloween Spooktacular with Personalized Video

It’s that time of year again, when little kids and big kids alike break out the costumes and candy! Yes, it’s Halloween, when ghosts and ghouls roam the streets side by side with witches, princesses, and cowboys.

Before the digital era, most people didn’t capture their priceless Halloween memories like they did for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But now it’s easy to celebrate the holiday, and have friends and family around the world join in the fun. Just let Talk Fusion, the global leader in video communications, lead you to your best tricks and treats.

Video Chat

A Halloween one-on-one Video Chat can be serious or spooky – the choice is yours! With just one click, you can use your chat time for a ghoulish heart-to-heart with your favorite goblin, let the kids show off their costumes, or share your scariest Halloween decorations with loved ones far from home. They will feel closer to you and yours with Talk Fusion’s high quality video streaming.

Video Chat brings Apple and Android devices together for the first time, so you can connect face-to-face (or mask to mask) on any smartphone, PC, or tablet…all thanks to Talk Fusion’s proprietary software.

Live Meetings

Many people have relatives scattered far and wide, even around the world. Why not get them all together for holidays like this one, with a crystal-clear video conference using Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings?

Hosting a costume party, but not everyone can make it from out of town? Invite as many people as you want! With Live Meetings, you can have a virtual family reunion on Halloween. Don’t forget to take your mask off before you start talking, so your aunts and uncles will know it’s you!

Video Email is perfect for Halloween - or any holiday

Video Newsletters & Email

Add this holiday to your calendar of annual events, right alongside birthdays and anniversaries. Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, so you might even want a video of the grownups’ costume party for your friends or relatives. If there’s a Halloween event at work, your co-workers can get in on the fun, too. Send out a video to special clients showing them what a great time everyone had!

You can share the spooky celebration with all your friends and family in a Video Newsletter format, and personalize every message with Talk Fusion’s customized templates.

If you want to keep it simple, a Video Email is the way to go. Talk Fusion’s flagship technology enables you to send video to one or many, and a personalized Video Email is just the thing to let mom know your precious goblins are thinking of her, or to tell loyal customers about a holiday special on their favorite product or service.

A short, high-quality streaming video customized for your family and friends will make a lasting impression. In fact, they might even play it on their smartphone for strangers…which sure beats the old “let me show you my grandchildren’s photos” bit.

Check it out!

Thanks to Talk Fusion’s video communications, Halloween – and every other holiday – can be shared with everyone you choose, whether that’s live in the present, or preserved on video for the future. For more information, call our Tech Support Team at +1 (813) 651-4030 or email