LIVE MEETINGS: The Easy Way to Host a Video Conference

So you want to hold a training session with sales associates in various locations across the state. Or you’d like to get a group of employees together for a conference, but they’re in different parts of the country. Maybe your business requires you to communicate with staff, vendors or customers from around the world.

We all know that organizing schedules, travel times, flight plans, and lodgings is not only time-consuming, it’s expensive. But when your important presentation can change your company and you need everyone to be there, you haven’t had much choice.

Take Your Conference Room with You

What you need is easy online web conferencing. You need people to carry their office with them everywhere they go, and to attend your important meeting from whatever office, home, city or country they’re in.

You need Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution; now literally any room can be your conference room!

Talk Fusion Live Meetings lets you create and host live video conferences in unrivaled quality, at an unbeatable value, from just about anywhere. Peer Sens-Grosholz, CEO of 4Winners Limited in Gibraltar was beyond delighted with his results: “What a wonderful product! The clarity and quality are unbelievable, even with slow Internet here in the Czech Republic. Fantastic quality, not one interruption like we always experienced with Skype.”

Live Meetings attendees can join your video conference from anywhere in the world, using any device with an Internet connection and browser. They don’t need to register or create an account. You send them an invitation link, they click, and immediately they’re in the virtual seat you saved for them at your presentation.

Say goodbye to those travel expenses and the countless hours lost flying and driving between destinations.


Presentation Tools to Share Your Vision

Now you can concentrate your efforts on creating that perfect presentation. Upload and display videos, slides, PDF files or PowerPoint presentations into your Live Meetings; share your web browser and desktop with your attendees, text chat, pass presenter controls, and even share vital survey questions to learn more.

Live Meetings is the perfect solution for training sessions, conferences with attendees from across the street or across the world, product demos, workshops, and more! They are easy to create, simple to schedule, and effortless to host AND attend.

In fact, we hold our own product training webinars on Live Meetings for Talk Fusion Customers. Webcasts and webinars are becoming an increasingly popular marketing medium; according to the Content Marketing Institute over 60% of marketers are already using webinars as part of their content marketing programs. Live Meetings will make it effortless for you to join their ranks!

Your Next Video Conference is Waiting

Just check; you’ve got at least one project right now that would be perfect for you to try out Live Meetings. You’ll find easy-to-follow video walk-throughs by clicking Tutorials on the Talk Fusion Dashboard. Within minutes, you’ll be able to host exciting, fully interactive video webcasts using Live Meetings.


You can see a list of who attends your meetings and read the answers they give to any survey questions in the Reports section of your Dashboard. It’s all part of Talk Fusion’s comprehensive real-time reports.