Talk Fusion New Customer Incentives

It Pays to Build Your Customer Base

The moment you join Talk Fusion as an Independent Associate, you begin your journey to a better, brighter financial future. Whether you’re looking to make extra income or work your business full-time, whenever you sponsor a new Customer you move another step closer to your ideal destination.

The possibilities are endless. Consider this: Talk Fusion’s world’s first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution is an unbeatable value offered at an unmatched price. Our easy-to-use industry-leading products can help any person, business, or charity get the marketing results they need to succeed. This means anyone can be your next Customer!

And with the enhanced Instant Pay Compensation Plan going into effect in less than two weeks (is it April 12th yet?), Talk Fusion Customer acquisition just got a whole lot sweeter—and even more rewarding.

Discover how all-new perks like Get 3 and It’s FREE, Customer Pool, and Monthly Plan Fast Start Bonuses will empower (and reward!) you to grow your Customer base and your income!

An Amazing Advantage

We love our Customers and you will, too! Thanks to the Get 3 and It’s Free incentive and our new Fast Start Bonuses, you can earn money every month and save money at the same time while you build your business. Here’s how…

Let’s say you join Talk Fusion as an Associate and select the Custom Plan (because who doesn’t want to take advantage of our best value and get a professionally designed custom Video Email template every month?).You welcome 3 new Customers to Talk Fusion during your first month: Sara, Paul, and Ted.

Any business can be your next Talk Fusion Customer

Sara is the proud owner of Poised & Polished Salon; she selects the Video Email & Video Newsletter Plan for $25 USD to give her email marketing pizzazz and personality. You earn 10 Personal Sales Volume (PSV).

Paul is a Novel Idea Bookstore employee assigned to handle the shop’s online marketing. He purchases the Basic Plan (20 PSV) for $50 USD.

Ted, founder of Treats by Ted bakery, wisely chooses the Custom Plan (30 PSV) for $75 USD which is the ultimate in branding and customization.

In addition to the Personal Sales Volume you receive for each purchase, you’ll also earn a Fast Start Bonus each time Sara, Paul, and Ted pay for their Monthly Plans!

$5 (Sara) + $10 (Paul) + $15 (Ted) = $30 USD every month – paid instantly!

Add in the Get 3 and it’s FREE incentive and it gets even better. Since you have 3 active Customers, you won’t have to pay for your Monthly Plan! That’s $30 USD earned and $75 SAVED! There is no other company in the world that rewards you like that.

A Bonus Pool for EVERYONE

Talk Fusion's new Customer Pool

There are so many reasons to be overjoyed about Talk Fusion’s upcoming 30 day Free Trial launch that you could throw a party. With the new Customer Pool, you could make it a pool party.

The top 20 Associates who personally sponsor the most new Customers within a given month will earn their spot in the new Customer Pool. It doesn’t matter what rank you are; any Associate will be eligible!

All you have to do is personally sponsor the most new Customers in a 30-day period. That means every month you will have the opportunity to earn between $100 and $1,000 USD in extra income through the Customer Pool.

“It’s our mission to help Customers across the world grow their businesses with our video marketing products,” said Founder & CEO Bob Reina. “I look forward to rewarding the Associates who are thoroughly committed to building their Customer base.”

It’s that simple! Everyone in the pool!

Please note: You must personally sponsor a minimum of 3 new Customers within a given month to be eligible.

Are You Excited Yet?

By releasing Free Trials, we’re giving people, businesses, and charities the chance to try our products completely free for 30 days. By offering these three new incredible Customer incentives to our Associates, we’re changing the game completely! The best gets even better… yet again!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start building your list. Who will be YOUR next Talk Fusion Customer?

Want to learn all about the exciting ways you can earn with Talk Fusion? Check out the newly enhanced Instant Pay Compensation Plan (Free Trial launch version!) in the Resources section of your Back Office!

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