I Challenge You to Do More

What’s standing in the way of your dreams? Are you overwhelmed by your routine responsibilities, holding onto past failures, or ignoring the big picture? Are you 100% certain that you’re not the “thing” that’s holding you back? 

It might be unintentional; you might think you’re giving as much as you can to the goal, but I bet if I challenged to do just a little bit more right now, I bet you could do it. I bet if I said: “Give me one more push,” you’d find a way to make it happen.

It’s not entirely your fault. It’s how we’ve been conditioned.

We’re taught to hold back, to conserve our energy, and to keep a few cards hidden from view. We’re conditioned to believe that our creativity, our passions, and our efforts are somehow limitedthat our drive and our ingenuity are physical things—as if we’re going to run out of gas.

It’s completely absurd.

Think about it: if you spent today giving absolutely everything you had to the dreamif you spent every second charging toward your goalswhat would you have left tomorrow?

The answer: You’d have tomorrow’s ideas, tomorrow’s energy, and tomorrow’s motivation—you would have tomorrow.

Outwork the Competition.

Success is your responsibility, and if you want to be more, then you have to do more. If you want to achieve your dreams, then you need to rethink your idea of “maximum effort.”

If you’re acting small, then you can’t make it big.

 When you’re hungrier than the competition, you can win based on perseverance alone. When you say, “not today” to the excuses and instead challenge yourself, pushing down the procrastination and the negativity, then you’ll open up the space for real progress.

You only have one limit, and that’s your mindset.

While you can’t control what you’ve been taught, you can control what happens next. Give more today, and you’re going to get more tomorrow. You’re not going to run out of juice, my friend; you’re just going to keep building.