How to Shut Down Negativity

How to Shut Down Negativity

One thing I just don’t understand is negativity. Everyday, you have this enormous opportunity to get out there and make an impact, change your circumstances, and leave some serious dents in the world, but instead, you’re choosing to just…not? Because why? Because you’re afraid to fail? Because you had a bad day? Because you think you can’t? I don’t buy it, and neither should you.

We all have our setbacks and doubts in life, and hey, I’m as sympathetic to your problems as I am to the next guy’s, but sympathy doesn’t get you anywhere; nobody makes it big on sympathy. I’ll tell you what does get you somewhere though: your optimism and your drive.

Circumstances don't determine your drive—YOU do.

No one ever “fell” to the top. Success is a long game for everyone and it’s going to take work. So stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop doubting your every move, and stop getting tangled up in that negativity mess. That stuff is toxic.

The single biggest hurdle between where you are now and where you want to be is negativity.

Instead of thinking about why you shouldn’t or why you can’t, I want you to start thinking about what would happen if you did it anyway. All that negativity? That’s just background noise. That’s just your comfort-craving brain looking for a way out—you don’t have to listen to it.

I tell people all the time: it’s all about the mindset. You can’t dwell on the bad stuff. You can’t sit on the couch feeling sorry for yourself, and you definitely can’t let negativity slow down your roll.

So listen up: the next time you start feeling like you can’t, I want you to check in with yourself and say: “I’m shutting this down right now.” Why? Because that right there is how you beat negativity—you combat it with action. You fight back, and you give everything 110%. You focus on what you can do right now and you do that thing. Then, more doors will open up for you, and you’ll keep pushing. That’s how you climb the mountain; that’s how you make it big.

Drive: it’s the secret sauce.

-Founder & CEO Bob Reina