How to Keep Your Teammates Engaged

Take a look around you. Without a team surrounding you, where would you be?

You more than likely wouldn’t be sitting where you are now. Teams are there to help and support you in reaching your goals.

Success is best enjoyed with a team, but sometimes you have to step up your game in order to keep teammates excited and engaged with what they’re doing.

Engagement doesn’t just mean they’re doing what needs to be done. That is something you can easily find with a teammate. Engagement measures much more than that — are your teammates passionate, committed, and loyal?

Engaged teammates lead to innovation, excitement, and a drive to shatter expectations. As a Team Leader, it’s your job to make sure your teammates feel they are involved in the process.

How can you ensure your teammates feel engaged? Here’s a few tips.

  1. Communicate often and clearly.
    Let your teammates know what’s going on, but more than that, reach out to them. Use Video Chat to conduct face-to-face conversations, listen to them, and offer solutions to help them remove any barriers they may be facing.

    If they feel like you’re investing time in them and that you care about them, they’re more likely to step up and do more to ensure the entire team succeeds. Understand that each person is different and may require varied forms of motivation to reach their goals.

    Tip: Teammates who have regular meetings with you are about three times as likely to feel engaged. 
  2. Establish mutual respect.
    By showing them that you care about them and their lives, you give your team members more reason to not just follow what you say, but to also respect you. Show them that you also respect them by working to coach them through their impediments, being available when they need you, and celebrating with them. 
  3. Help them set goals. Your teammates should be eager and ready to launch their business, but forming a clear, actionable plan involves more than just setting a lofty goal without steps to get there.

    Walk them through ways to create SMART goals that they are excited to start marking as “done.” 
  4. Hold them accountable.
    This goes hand-in-hand with regular communication, and keeping them motivated. If your team knows you’re going to be checking in with them and that you have both agreed to certain expectations, they may feel a more urgent need to meet those goals — especially if they respect you and don’t want to let you down.

With Talk Fusion, we have the power to change the way the world communicates — but it requires hard work to make that happen. By keeping your teammates engaged in the process and following the System, you can help them on their path to change their lives.

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