How to Host Live Meetings with Confidence by Talk Fusion

How to Host Live Meetings with CONFIDENCE

How to Host Live Meetings with Confidence by Talk FusionHosting a live broadcast can be just as nerve-racking as any in-person speech, meeting, or presentation—if not more. Although you can’t see your audience (or gage their reactions to your content and delivery), the LAST thing you want to do is fumble or falter in front of them.

Plot twist: the more confident you feel during your live meeting, the greater chance you have at ensuring its success. Use these tips to master your mindset so you can relax and excel during your next live event.

“Confidence comes from within and no one can create it for you. You won’t build confidence if you don’t take action. Know that making yourself uncomfortable a couple times will help you feel more comfortable in the same situation forever after. The people who actually look the most awkward are the ones who are afraid to try.”
–Nikki Stone, Olympic gold medalist & bestselling author


Fight off the broadcast jitters

It’s normal to be nervous while hosting a live meeting, even if you’re a seasoned presenter. Channel that extra adrenaline into positive, productive energy. Shaky hands and a techno-paced heartbeat are nothing a smile and a few steady, deep breaths can’t cover up.

Most importantly, think positive. Don’t cloud your mind with negative thoughts, self-doubt, or worst-case scenarios. Have posture, hold a power stance, and make “you’ve got this” your new mantra.

Dress to impress

As Founder & CEO Bob Reina shared with The Huffington Post readers, “Maintaining a polished look not only helps you build credibility, but it also leaves a lasting impression.” So when it comes to your appearance on broadcast day, a little effort can go a long way—and it also doubles as a big confidence boost.

Whether you’re broadcasting from home, at the office, or on the go, make sure you look poised, professional, and personable. From your outfit choice to your hairstyle, your appearance should scream, “My message is worth hearing,” not “I just rolled out of bed.”

But if you do decide to pull the “business on the top, party on the bottom” trick and rock some pajama pants with that suit jacket, your secret’s safe with us—as long as the audience can’t see it.

You can never be “too prepared”

If you want to ace a test, you study. If you want a smooth, self-assured delivery, know your content. Don’t leave yourself in the dark—give yourself ample time to review your presentation material, practice transitions, and prepare for any possible questions you may receive in the live chat. You never know what might come up, but by thinking ahead, you can face the inevitable head-on.

Jot down some speaker notes on an index card ahead of time, so you don’t lose your train of thought or miss a key point during your presentation. Make sure your notes are neatly written (to avoid confusion or mistakes) and keep them light so you don’t over script yourself. It’s always good to have reference material on hand, but you don’t want to rely too much on your notes. Radiate confidence with a delivery that’s just as engaging and entertaining as it is natural.

Keep it simple

When developing your broadcast content, simplicity is key. Know what you’re saying and why you’re saying it, and cut out the fluff so your presentation doesn’t drag on. A Citrix study shows that most people prefer 30-45 minute webinars; aim to stay within or below that range and you won’t have to worry about your audience yawning, checking their watches, or leaving early.

Do a tech check-up

There’s no better or faster way to ruin a live broadcast (and shatter your ego) than experiencing technical difficulties mid-presentation.

Luckily, these mishaps are easily avoidable.

Before you launch:

  • Test your microphone and webcam settings.
  • Do a practice run to check the strength of your internet connection.
  • Charge the phone, computer, or tablet you’re using to present (and keep a power source on hand, just in case).
  • Refresh your memory on the important features and functionality within your broadcasting platform.
  • Make sure your software is up to date and working properly.
  • Double check that your presentation slides are arranged properly and will be easily accessible during the broadcast.
  • Close out of any applications that may cause interruptions or delays.

Also, if you’re using the Live Meetings app to broadcast on your Apple or Android device, be sure to put your device in “do not disturb” mode so you don’t receive any notifications or calls during your event.

Connect with your viewers

Throughout your meeting, keep the chat box open and check in with your audience. Ask how they’re doing, if they can hear you loud and clear, and if everyone understands your last point before moving on. These occasional check-ins will help you feel like you’re not talking to an empty room, plus they’ll allow you to take a mini break from your content.

Bring on the special guests

If you’re going to have a guest speaker or co-presenter join you on the broadcast, be sure to follow up with them beforehand. Make sure they’re well prepared, that their computer is working properly, and that they know the role they’ll be playing in your broadcast.

Another tip: Establish which name your guest speaker will be using to sign in to your broadcast, so you can find them easily and quickly in the Participants box!

Did we miss anything?

Have any other pro broadcasting tips you’d like to pass on to our readers? Comment below and share the knowledge!