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How to Discover and Empower New, Hidden Leaders in Network Marketing

Why (and how) do some people build huge organizations that flourish almost organically over time, while others continuously work but never reach success?

It all comes down to building depth in your business.

You already know that personally sponsoring Associates is not a one-and-done deal; but where the Diamond Rush’s fourth step, “Get Plugged In,” comes into play is only the beginning. Vital to your organization’s success, (and what many people underestimate) are the countless benefits and growth potential associated with properly coaching and developing your extended downline.

Diamond Rush 4 Steps to Success

Associates who are only concerned with the figures—the number of members within their organization or their current Sales Volume count—are focusing on the wrong thing. This industry is about people, teamwork, and self-empowerment.

Too often, though, networkers build to a certain level and then get complacent, lazy, and too comfortable. While they’re sitting back and collecting residual income without answering phone calls or showing up for special events, they’re just steering the ship straight into the storm. The disaster is inevitable…

In short, businesses fail when existing leaders fail to key in on their most important asset: their hidden leaders.

Talk Fusion teamwork

Harvesting new leadership

At best, most network marketers only work with their personally sponsored Associates, but to work “under” your personally sponsored Associates is to “build depth.” By building depth, you can increase the likelihood of your prosperity and advancement.

Start by becoming intimately acquainted with ALL potential leaders within your organization: entrepreneurs who are driven, ambitious, and coachable. Interact outside of your comfort zone, not just with the people YOU know, and no matter which level or leg they’re on. This is the only true method of building a solid team, an ever-growing Customer base, and the long-term income most people only dream of achieving.

Talk Fusion - interact outside of your comfort zone

Above all else, you should assume the responsibility of getting new members off to a fast start. Your goal is to assist ALL of your Associates—both those you personally sponsored and those hidden in the depth or roots of your binary tree—so that they may achieve and then immediately pass on the 2 in 72 rule.

Lead by example. TEACH by example. Start growing frontrunners by showing them how it’s done!

Power of Duplication

Make sure that every Associate within your organization is actively following and teaching the Diamond Rush. In doing this, you will set the tone and help your team members determine whether they’ll approach their business like a real business … or simply a hobby. This includes, but is NOT limited to:

As your team members welcome more new Customers and Associates into your Talk Fusion “family,” set the expectation clearly: Duplication and downline assistance are the keys to success.

From practicing invitation techniques to offering feedback after a 3-way Call, working closely with fellow Associates will allow YOU to establish a strong foundation for your business as well. It’s a win-win for everyone!

team working together

Paving the path for leaders of tomorrow

Direct your attention to the “leaders of tomorrow” who you want to fully engage in the business. During this process, you should find yourself drilling down under each of your binary legs until you are 15 – 20 deep in active members. You’ll be responsible for assisting the most excited new Associates so they can get started PROPERLY. If a new enrollee isn’t interested in moving at an accelerated pace, be patient with them and help them establish more conservative goals. But keep an eye on them, as their situation, skillset or drive may change.

Be sure to devote extra time to the one(s) who is/are most serious about getting their business up and running as soon as possible. By doing so, you’re fulfilling your commitment to the Associates you originally helped to get started, by helping someone else in their business soar and shine from the get-go—as this benefits the entire team.

helping others reach the top

And while you can’t assume that any entrepreneur knows what to do, how to do it or when to do it (no matter how much experience they may or may not have), your direct involvement and commitment to working deep within all layers and levels of your organization will generate excitement and momentum for ALL.

By enrolling, activating, and guiding new leadership “in depth,” at ANY depth, you are multiplying your efforts. In any ongoing, growing business, look for and work with 3 – 5 stable leaders in each leg.
A leader, backed by a leader, backed by a leader solidifies ongoing activity and promotes future growth!

How to identify a leader

Leaders are identified by their actions. They’re plugged in to the 4 Steps to Success and are consistently teaching their groups to do the same thing.

team collaboration

As you build “in depth,” you’ll be able to clearly identify today’s leaders and the potential leaders of tomorrow because they exhibit an obvious set of characteristics:

  • Having a dream and knowing their “Why” (and never being afraid to share them with others)
  • Always maintaining a power attitude
  • Being a good listener
  • Exuding posture and positivity
  • Driven to build a solid Customer base
  • High moral values (but knows how to practice “ethical greed”)
  • Dependability and accountability
  • Punctuality, and knowing how to manage their time wisely
  • Following and teaching the 4 Steps to Success tirelessly
  • Always willing to help you define, pursue, and reach your goals
  • 120% committed to sharing Talk Fusion any time, anywhere
  • Participates in the Diamond Rush Trainings
  • Consistent attendance at local, online or international events
  • Knowing when and how to motivate the team
  • Leading by example
  • Keeping calm under pressure
  • Constantly edifying their organization, upline, company, and fellow business partners
  • Being a great promoter
  • Always speaking in terms of VALUE and BENEFIT
  • Being their “own best customer:” using all of our video marketing products regularly and creatively
  • Hands out Free Trials and Talk Fusion marketing materials whenever they’re out and about
  • Finding solutions to every problem
  • Always willing to help or give back to the community

Once you have identified your key leaders, devote your time to their improvement and start building for the future. Coach them to be better, stronger, and more efficient, while always continuing to share Talk Fusion with even more people around the world.

REMEMBER to teach this same concept to EVERYONE in your organization over time. Leverage the weight of responsibility, so you can grow and work with multiple leaders simultaneously and reach the highest levels of success possible! 

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