Talk Fusion CONNECT makes EVERY day Mother's Day!

How to Connect with Mom All Year Long

Talk Fusion makes EVERY day Mother's Day!

You have heard it directly and you have heard it from every one of her friends and relatives: you need to spend more time with your mother. However, time, travel, and expense don’t always let us make the trips we want to make, even with the best of intentions. With Mother’s Day here, we have a second to think about this carefully… with a surprising conclusion.

With Talk Fusion, you’ve run out of excuses!

The stellar video communication products of Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution give you the chance to “visit” your mother far more often, not just on Mother’s Day, but any day you want, from literally anywhere you are. Plus, you can bring the rest of your family with you!


The simple one-click technology makes it easy for even Mom to connect with you for a special one-to-one video chat. Best of all, you don’t have to have the same kind of phone, or computer, or specific software!

You can use your video chat time to do more than just show off your face – whether it’s pretty, handsome, or a face only a mother can love. Point your video camera around you, share your life: from tonight’s dinner based on Mom’s favorite recipe, to new furniture, the repainted kitchen, and even “look how big the baby has grown!”

If you can’t go to Mom, you can bring her to you and share your life with the crystal sharp picture of Video Chat.


Mom loves to be the center of attention, and she’s certainly earned that after the years she’s spent giving it to you and the rest of the family. Live Meetings gives you the chance to return the love with the entire family, even when they can’t all travel. Brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles can be part of a virtual family reunion by joining a heartwarming video broadcast. Now you can all be there every Mother’s Day and holiday without the expense and travel for those too far away.

You can each have a chance to share the spotlight and update Mom – and the entire family – on the challenges and successes of your life. Share smiles, laughter, tears, and joy the way a family should, the way Mom has always wanted.

Be sure to give her the last word, though.

Choose from a library of Video Email templates sure to please every Mom on the planet!


While family time is great, sometimes there are things you don’t want to share with everyone else. Video Email is the perfect way to share your thoughts and feelings and love meant only for your mother. A library full of Mother’s Day templates, plus other themes designed specifically for moms and families, sets the tone for cherished memories.

Record a video just for her, just from you. It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be detailed; all it has to do is tell her she’s always on your mind. Those are the words she has always wanted to hear, and she can replay this conversation over and over, whenever she desires. It is heartfelt sentiment that lasts forever.


Once upon a time, people sent end-of-the-year letters (by hand!) to everyone in the family, sharing all of the milestones reached (and surpassed!) from the year before. It took a lot of time, licking a lot of stamps, and massaging a lot of cramped hands.

Now you can type out the events of the year just once then send it to Mom and everyone in your family in a newsletter format. Best of all, you can still keep it just as personal by including an individualized video message you easily record using the Video Newsletter interface.

Share the pictures and stories of your life with everyone and wrap it up with a personal video just for each of them. Your mother can laugh and cry and get ready to give you advice while she watches your video and catches up on all of the mistakes events going on in your life.


Make Mother’s Day Better with Video – because with Talk Fusion, every day can be Mother’s Day!