How Presidential Blue Diamonds Minh And Julie Ho Took Control Of Their Time

We’ve all been told that we need to manage our time. People imagine that if they just map out their day, week, or year, then they can better stay on top of their responsibilities.

This isn’t entirely true. Sure, it’s good to have a plan for how you spend your time and have goals for the future, but it’s impossible to get ahead if you just manage your time. You have to do so much more.

You have to take control and create time.

It’s no secret that time is limited. So you have to take advantage of every second.

Finding success is often a long and winding road. Achieving everything you want can require long hours and constant diligence. But with passion, courage, and a vision for the future, it’s possible to earn everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

No one knows this to be more true than Presidential Blue Diamonds, Minh and Julie Ho.

This April marked Minh and Julie’s 20th anniversary of joining relationship marketing, and they have been on a remarkable journey. These top-achievers know the importance of taking control of and leveraging their time to work for them. And, the result has been great success with Talk Fusion.

Hitting Hard Times

Before becoming the superstar Associates they are today, Minh and Julie first started using Talk Fusion’s one of a kind products to promote their mortgage business. They explain that using the products to thank customers and reach out to prospects “led to increased sales, customer retention, and more referrals. It exceeded [their] expectations!”

However, the implosion of the US mortgage industry in 2007 and the Recession in 2008 derailed their progress; they lost everything. Despite these hardships, these two thrivers knew that this was not the end of their story:

At that time, we had 7 children and 4 grandchildren and knew we had to do something to change our situation.

And, that’s exactly what they did!

Taking Advantage of a Brilliant Opportunity and Taking Control of Their Time

Rather than give up, Minh and Julie got to work. Their friend who had shared Talk Fusion with them explained that they could build a phenomenal business just by sharing the Talk Fusion Opportunity.

From then on, this team was all-in!

To get laser-focused Minh and Julie went so far as to sell their TV — they made sure there wouldn’t be a single distraction as they built their business. They made a few other sacrifices along the way. For one, they sacrificed a lot of family time, telling their families that they needed to focus on their Talk Fusion business. Minh and Julie’s dedication led them to push past just managing time to creating time.

Success boils down to choices: Will you waste time? Or will you make the most of every hour? The correct choice should be clear. 

Minh and Julie knew that they would have so much more time once they gained financial stability.

Thanks to their passion and drive, they were able to execute their goals and achieve everything they wanted in 2 years. Today, our Presidential Blue Diamonds are living the life they’ve always wanted! They are able to help tens of thousands of people earn extra money, live a better lifestyle, and boost their businesses.

In fact, Minh and Julie have reached a new record, earning over $10 Million in lifetime earnings*!

How Can You Follow Minh and Julie’s Example?

Minh and Julie are great examples of how prioritizing and compressing timelines can take you far. And with Talk Fusion, we make this easy.

The fact is that time is limited — even if you literally worked 24/7, you could only earn money on a maximum of 168 hours. But, by leveraging your income and working as a team, the possibilities are endless.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

— Henry Ford

The difference between success and failure is a great team. And Minh and Julie have an inspiring message for their Talk Fusion team:

We are blessed to have such great teams around the world to work, travel and have fun with. Thank you for your hard work, determination, and perseverance in following the SYSTEM to achieve success. Let’s keep working together to change many more lives!

To Our CEO: We credit our success to our CEO, Bob Reina, for his support and mentorship. We appreciate you very much and truly value everything we have learned from you. If you didn’t know our CEO, Bob is a philanthropist and well-known for his generosity in giving back to his community in the Tampa Bay and surrounding cities in the Florida area. Your spirit and generosity of giving back has inspired us to do the same as well.  It’s something we’d always wanted to do but didn’t have the means until Talk Fusion. Again, it’s been our honor to have been mentored by you, and now we’re paying it forward by coaching and mentoring others and changing lives along the way.  

We’d also like to thank the Corporate Staff and IT Department for their undying support!  We’re very proud to be part of this fantastic company!

If you want to follow the example of two Associates who have found success, then it’s time to get to work, take control of your time, and surround yourself with people who are dedicated to your success.


*Income Disclaimer: These figures are not guarantees or projections of expected earnings or profits. Talk Fusion makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with Talk Fusion results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities. You can find the full income disclaimer here.