How “I Will” Can Lead to a World of Success

One phrase always separates those who succeed from those who succumb to the daily grind: “I will.”

Doers don’t say, “I’ll try.” They don’t attempt things, they set goals and start crossing them off the to-do list. They push past limitations and surpass expectations. In short, doers say “I will” each and every day.

That is how the most successful people are able to accomplish so much in their lives. And one person in particular, Steve Francisco, has turned an “I will” attitude into an exciting and enriching career in Network Marketing.

A Will to Succeed Creates Extraordinary Results

Steve Francisco got his start as an Aerospace Corporate Executive, however, everything changed when a friend approached him with a business opportunity presentation. After some back and forth, Steve and his wife, Susan, attended the presentation. From then on, they were hooked.

They quickly left their old jobs behind and committed to Network Marketing.

As Steve explains, “We remember telling each other that we need to work as if it were impossible to fail.” And that’s exactly what they did.

Since joining the Network Marketing world over 30 years ago, Steve and Susan have achieved unimaginable success.

“We went from living paycheck-to-paycheck to becoming top seven figure Industry earners, working together now for 39 years.”

The path to success for these two achievers led them to Talk Fusion — in fact, they were involved early on. As they spent more time with the company, Steve and Susan watched Talk Fusion grow into one of the most successful businesses in the industry.

Steve would eventually leave Talk Fusion to pursue other avenues. Over the course of his career, Steve has worked as the Master Distributor of five top rated companies and the CEO of four high growth companies. However, as he will tell you, timing is everything in Network Marketing, and the time was right to return to the Talk Fusion Nation:

“We came back to Talk Fusion because of timing, and we believe that the company is on track to be one of the next billion-dollar companies in our industry. . . Talk Fusion gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart. It teaches you how to make little changes in your life to thrive no matter your circumstance.”

By understanding that failure was not an option, by saying “I will succeed,” Steve Francisco has built a thriving career with Talk Fusion.

If you take anything from Steve’s story, it should be this: success does not happen without drive, passion, and a willingness to make changes in your life. What changes do you need to make to achieve your dreams?

All it takes is one decision and the right attitude, and you can be on the path to making those dreams a reality.


Talk Fusion makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with Talk Fusion results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.