How Can You Combat Automation?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a store or visited a restaurant to leave feeling disappointed by the level of “service” I received there. It’s difficult to find good service anymore, especially when you consider the fact that many people do not feel engaged in their jobs.

When I think about the level of poor service I experience combined with the fact that technology continues to encapsulate many jobs, I just have to wonder — how can people work to keep their jobs?

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence continues to change and influence the way we do, well, pretty much everything. And I’m not here to villainize tech by any means. Used well, it can accomplish some amazing things. Healthcare professionals are using it to help create tailored care plans for each patient, accountants are using it to help streamline processes, and it’s even affecting the supply chain. However, eventually, I have a feeling that many jobs performed by humans will be taken over by robots and artificial intelligence.

It’s more cost-effective, that’s for sure. In business, it’s all about the bottom line, right?

How can you make yourself indispensable?

But for customers, it’s more than that bottom line. Customers want that personal touch of great customer service that seems to have gone by the wayside. You have to figure out what makes you unique and capitalize on that.

Differentiate yourself from the pack. What do you offer that others can’t or won’t? More specifically, what can you give your customers that a robot can’t? Robots don’t put blood, sweat, and tears into creating a business. That’s all YOU.

Always, ALWAYS stay flexible. If you’re willing to adapt to customer requests and work with them through things, you’re going to keep happy customers — and happy customers will not only stay loyal to you, they’ll also recommend you to others.

Work to consistently shatter customer expectations. If customers know they can not only trust you, but also constantly expect greatness from you, they’ll keep coming back.

With Talk Fusion, you can do all of these things with ease. Our all-in-one video marketing platform gives you the tools you need to personalize your marketing and help you reach out to customers in all-new ways.

Use our vibrant Video Email to put a face on your marketing.

Nothing shows a customer, prospect, potential partner, etc. that you’re committed to service like taking time out of your day to send a personalized message elevated with the power of video. Seriously, what’s going to feel more impactful from a customer perspective? Some cold, automated response or a stunning Video Email with your personal flair.

I embrace these principles while running Talk Fusion as well. Our loyal customers and Associates already know that they can always expect amazing things from my staff and me. Here at Talk Fusion, we do everything we can to constantly better ourselves.

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