Talk Fusion Massive Momentum Broadcast

HOT NEWS from the Massive Momentum Broadcast

Talk Fusion Massive Momentum Broadcast

“Keep your head and your heart going in the right direction, and you will not have to worry about your feet.” (Unknown)

Take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s achievements. Your current lifestyle. The technology you hold in your hands today.

Now label it “old news”.

On today’s live broadcast, Founder & CEO Bob Reina and VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts made big announcements that will help you take the all-important first step in a new direction—towards a better, brighter future.

Video Chat 3.0:
The App the World Has Been Waiting For

Beta Tester Registration CLOSES Friday, September 30th!

Email your name, Talk Fusion ID #, and email address to to secure your position before it’s too late.


Video Chat 3.0’s highly anticipated release is much more than a simple app update and a few extra buttons to press.

It marks the beginning of your networking breakthrough.

Talk Fusion to release new version of Video Chat

With the ability to connect with team members via the app, you can bring your 3-Way Calls, team collaboration, and success story to new heights—simply, efficiently, and instantly.

The best part? You’ll still be able to enjoy all the Video Chat features that you love: the same coveted crystal-clear quality and any-device-to-every-device connectivity that earned this awesome app not one but two Product of the Year awards in 2016.


Your Chance to Get VIP Treatment in Dubai

Talk Fusion's Dubai incentive trip winners
When Destination: Dubai achievers overtook the huge HERO stage in Indonesia two weeks ago, they proved just how incredible this trip is going to be! Since that moment, the number of attendees continues to rise at a rapid pace—and there are still five full commission weeks left until the qualification period ends on November 6th!

But did you really think that was all we had in store?

Of course not! Founder & CEO Bob Reina has a challenge for you:

Once you qualify for the trip, achieve the commission rank of Diamond for two additional consecutive weeks before October 23rd and you will get the full VIP treatment in one of the most incredible lifestyle cities in the world.


We’re talkin’ Ferrari World shopping sprees, no queues, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities money can’t buy.

So are you in or are you out? There’s no time to waste! The “Dubai Attack” clock started ticking the Monday after HERO (September 19, 2016) … meaning it’s time to work hard and become a real VIP!


HERO 2016 Recap: Team Indonesia–and Talk Fusion—will Never Be the Same

Talk Fusion HERO Event 2016 in Indonesia
VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts and the Executive Team traveled all the way to Surabaya, Indonesia for this world-class event from September 16 – 18, 2016.

Planned to perfection by visionary hosts Royal Blue Diamonds Mario Halim and Ryani Irawan and Grand Blue Diamond Marcell Halim, HERO 2016 certainly set the new standard—and new pace—for the amazing year ahead.

See the official HERO 2016 album on Facebook!

Watch out, world: This powerhouse team is making a difference not just throughout Indonesia, but in Papua, Timor Leste, Australia, and Singapore as well. They are determined to create more Blue Diamonds (and success stories!) than ever before.

Their global reach, vision, and commitment to the system—and each other—are absolutely remarkable.

During today’s live broadcast, VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts shared photos and anecdotes from the team’s biggest event yet:

  • Largest Super-Car Luxury Parade in Indonesian network marketing (50 cars!)
  • New Royal Blue Diamonds and a new Grand Blue Diamond!
  • New $100,000 USD, $250,000 USD, and $500,000 USD lifetime achievers
  • New Recognition Ring and Rolex achievers
  • Inspiring video messages from Founder & CEO Bob Reina and Team Indonesia’s Top Leaders
  • Specialty awards, heartfelt onstage confessions, an explosive grand finale, and so much more

However, the thrill and emotion don’t end there.

There is much work to be done.

You owe it to yourself.


Look down at your wrist: here, you’ll see your HERO Event admission wristband. If you use it as a daily reminder to commit to and achieve your breakthrough goals, this wristband will grant you admission to your wildest dreams.

Talk Fusion HERO Wristband Challenge
Achieve the #HEROwristbandchallenge! And when you do earn your right to cut the band off your wrist, share the moment on social media. We want to celebrate with you!


Our IT Team is on the Move

As Founder & CEO Bob Reina and VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts proudly explained today, big things are happening at the Talk Fusion IT Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Not only is this extremely talented team bringing on new members (and a new location next month!), they’re also more inspired than ever to bring cutting-edge developments to life using our proprietary technology.

With that passion comes on point products! If you love what you’ve been seeing from our IT Department, be sure to share the love by sending a Video Email to

On the horizon: out-of-this-world auto enhancements to the brand-new Talk Fusion Desktop Application that keeps you connected (with ease!) 24/7. Stay tuned!


Fuel YOUR Success!

Branded gear at the Talk Fusion Mall
During the broadcast, Founder & CEO Bob Reina and VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts also showcased stunning custom Video Email templates, newly translated Diamond Rush Guides and Training Slides, and branded marketing materials you can use to accelerate your business! That’s the key to climbing the ranks, growing your team, qualifying for Dubai, and joining us at the final Hawaiian Dream Getaway in June 2017! **See your Compensation Plan for full details.**

Keep your eye on your inbox because WE’RE NOT DONE YET! Talk Fusion never sleeps. More exciting news is coming your way very soon!