Help Us Save the Real-Life “Dogsicles” of Suffolk County

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When we heard the news that dogs throughout Suffolk County in Long Island, NY were being tethered outside and left in the cold without any food, shelter, or water by neglectful owners, we knew something had to be done.

So, we’ve stepped up and created a petition urging the Suffolk County Commission to change their Anti-Tethering laws. The laws permit dog owners to leave their beloved pets outside, even when the frigid New York temperatures dip as low as 14 degrees. These real-life “dogsicles” are left to suffer for countless hours outside in the cold and nothing is being done.

Watch the harrowing news story on the Suffolk County dogs here and learn how volunteers are desperately working to save them from these brutal conditions.

Yesterday, in honor of “Love Your Pet Day”, we launched the petition through, then sent out a promotion to countless Associates and Customers who helped us quickly reach 500 signatures, but we need more if we’re really going to get the attention of the county lawmakers who can help to save these suffering animals.

Please help us by signing the petition today, sharing it everywhere you can, and forwarding it to the Suffolk County Commission at Our goal is to reach 20,000 signatures by March 20, and with the help of people like you, we know it can be done. Together we can change these laws and, in turn, save the lives of innocent dogs throughout Suffolk County and beyond.

Click here to sign the petition.