all-new professional sales letters for YOU

Getting the Word Out About Free Trials!

Free Trials are more than an incredible, hands-on way to try Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution before you buy. For Talk Fusion Associates, they are an easy-to-use icebreaker to begin an exciting conversation with a potential Customer and show them the power of marketing with video. The word “free” is sure to catch anyone’s interest!

But we don’t get to do all of our product sharing in person. It’s the age of electronic communication (we specialize in it, after all!), so how should someone introduce Talk Fusion products and the Free Trials when sending a Video Email or Newsletter? We’ve always said that you don’t have to be an expert salesman when sharing Talk Fusion—so what’s the best way to describe our Video Marketing Solution for those who could use some help with the marketing words?

Enter our professional sales letters!


We’ve actually provided professionally-written sales letters for you that you can include in your Video Email and Video Newsletters. Even more, we’ve made it literally as easy as one click to include these sales letters in your messages. You just add a personal video of your choice and let your personality and enthusiasm do the rest.

You have a choice of four different marketing topics that you can include, from Video Email and Video Newsletters to Live Meetings and even a sales letter about the entire Video Marketing Solution!

Here’s how you do it:

Sales Letters for Video Email

We’ve made it extremely simple to include our pre-written sales copy in your Video Email. You will actually create your Video Email the same way you always do. First select Video Email from our great-looking new Product Dashboard. Then choose a template (and we have included brand-new Free Trial templates you can use! You’ll find them under “All-New Templates”).

The next step is to upload your personalized invitation video and attach the engaging new Business Solutions Video after it. You’ll find it, along with other great choices, in your Fusion Pro Library under “Products.” Remember, you can attach multiple videos, including your own, so take advantage of your ability to include a personal message.

Then click Compose Message.

Once you’re on the Message Screen, you’ll find a dropdown menu labeled “attach professional sales letter.” Choose from one of the four topics—you can change between them before you send—and instantly the Subject and Message windows automatically fill up with our pro sales copy!

Choose from a dropdown menu

We said it would be easy! You just select the topic and we supply the words for you!

Your selected sales letter copy fills in automatically!

You’ll see statistics, motivation, and a call to action that includes registering for a 30 day Free Trial! All you have to do is click, select, and send! And wait until you check out the new automatic Free Trial button that gets attached! It’s one more way we help your potential Customers get excited!

Sales Letters for Video Newsletters

We made the professional sales letters available as Video Newsletters, too, and then took it a step further. After you sign in from your Product Dashboard, select “Product Templates” on the left side of your screen.

Select your sales letter tempateIn addition to the other great newsletter templates, you’ll see four brand-new templates built around our pro sales letters. We’ve actually pre-designed the entire newsletter for you, complete with graphics, fonts, and headlines. All you have to do is upload your video and click “send.” (Don’t forget to include a Title for this newsletter at the top of the page; you need to do that before you can “send.”)

Four fully-designed Video Newsletter Templates

From the Message Screen you add your email addresses and a subject line of your choice and just that easy you’ve sent a top quality, professional Video Newsletter to tell everyone on your list about Talk Fusion and the great products in our Video Marketing Solution. You’ve also told them about the exciting opportunity they have to try it all free for 30 days—and given them a direct link to sign up!

The Automatic Free Trial Button is Yours

To help motivate your prospective Customers to take action right away, we now automatically add a Free Trial button to your Video Emails, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings invitations. One click of the button takes your recipient directly to the Free Trials Sign-up Page on your self-replicated site; in seconds they can set up their own 30 day trial risk free!

30 day Free Trial button automatically added to your Video Email & NewslettersThe automatic Free Trial button gives your potential Customer the chance to act immediately on the curiosity they feel after reading your professionally-created Video Email or Newsletter and catching the excitement from your videos.  They get to see for themselves everything you’ve been telling and try before they buy!

Don’t worry if you’re sending messages to existing Customers or Associates who already get the amazing benefits of Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution. We’ve included a convenient “Remove Free Trial Banner” option on your Message Screen for Video Email and Newsletters and the Invite screen for Live Meetings.

Let us worry about what to say with our professional sales letters!
They will give you confidence to show your personality and give your potential Customer the perfect call-to-action to sign up for a 30 day Free Trial!