Get Ready to IMPACT More Lives!

The April 12th Free Trial launch is just around the corner. Associates can’t wait to receive Free Trials based on their current Product Packages; businesses of all sizes are eager to get their hands on our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. Simply put, everyone wants to put the power of Talk Fusion to work for them as soon as possible!

The world is more than ready… Are you?

Are you ready to show others how to “Try Before You Buy”? Who will you approach to share an exciting 30 day Free Trial? How will you spark their interest? Can you tell them what the Free Trial experience is like?

The brand-new Impact Guide will teach you that and so much more! We’ve got you covered.

Meet the Impact Guide

Translated in multiple languages, this powerful training guide is your new go-to resource for building a loyal Customer base with Talk Fusion.

The philosophy behind the Impact Guide is just as simple as it is inspiring:

“You never hear a company say they have ‘too many customers’ or aren’t looking to increase their profits. It just doesn’t happen,” said Founder & CEO Bob Reina. “At Talk Fusion, we know that our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution is a key factor in helping businesses get the results they need to succeed—for an unbeatable price. It’s something any business will love, whether they’re small, medium, large, international or home-based.

“That’s why we’ve created the ideal training guide for our Associates. It will help them spread the word about our cutting-edge video marketing products and train their team members to do the same, so we can help even more businesses stand out from their competition.”

Steps for Success

4 Steps to Success

The Impact Guide dives right to the heart of Talk Fusion: the award-winning products; the people who use them daily to make their marketing count; and the life-changing business opportunity that allows you to get paid instantly (just 3 minutes after the sale!).

Including engaging invitation tips, product-specific power statements, an all-new memory jogger, valuable Free Trial insight, moving testimonials, and more, the Impact Guide shows you how to get your Talk Fusion business off to a fast start—and most importantly, keep it there! Add a dash of determination plus two cups of commitment and hard work and you have the perfect recipe for success.

Empowering Businesses and Changing Lives

Make an IMPACT!

We believe that each Talk Fusion Associate has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. From providing businesses with unique, easy-to-use video marketing products to donating free charity accounts to the nonprofit organization of your choice, you’re empowering others to set themselves apart and build stronger connections that truly make a difference.

It all starts by inviting your potential Customers to try the products. It won’t cost them a penny to see what Talk Fusion can do for their business or organization; the Impact Guide will show you how to show them the way!

The Impact Revolution Starts NOW!

Visit the Getting Started section of your Back Office today to download the new Impact Guide and Training Slides in your language of choice.

The best time to begin? Right now! When April 12th arrives, you’ll want to be fully prepared so you can start full speed and make an impact on the world one Free Trial, 3-Way Call, and happy Customer at a time. So put on your Talk Fusion gear and start making an Impact today!