national coffee day at Talk Fusion

Get It While It’s HOT!

national coffee day at Talk Fusion

Happy National Coffee Day! Today, millions of Americans are raising their mugs and giving thanks for the delicious drink that wakes them up and keeps them energized all day long.

Our Corporate Office is full of many java-lovers who rely on their early-morning and mid-afternoon cups to stay on track in our fast-paced workplace. We’re constantly focused and committed to executing Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s vision for Talk Fusion. Developing and enhancing our product line, in addition to motivating our Associates to continue changing and connecting the world, is hard work–and work we’re happy to do!

Testing Video Chat's new features

As we sip on warm cups of coffee and continue our internal testing of Video Chat Beta’s new features (hint hint- coming soon!), the Executive Team knows the future is brighter than ever.

“There’s always something new and exciting happening at Talk Fusion,” VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts said. “When people around the world are counting on you, you always have to be on your ‘A game.’ Our team is always sharp and focused!”

Coffee with IT Department

Talk Fusion never sleeps, so get out your coffee beans, sugar, and milk; it’s time to crank up the excitement and share our products and opportunity with more people across the globe!

National Coffee Day and Video Chat Beta testing