Free Trials and YOU

If you hear the sound of a clock ticking, it’s probably the time counting down to April 12th when we launch 30 day Free Trials to the world. There has never been a single more exciting time at Talk Fusion than right now.

We’ve already talked about how Free Trials are the hands-down perfect way for a prospective Customer to experience Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution firsthand (and risk free!) for 30 days. But what about Associates? What does the Free Trial experience mean for you?

Glad you asked.

Handing Out Your Free Trials

At Talk Fusion, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our Associates to pass out Free Trials. In this industry, we know that Associates will have different degrees of sales experience; some will be experts, some will be beginners. That’s fine, because for the launch of Free Trials we’ve put together many different kinds of sales and marketing resources to help you. That lets you focus on one thing you can do well no matter how much experience you have: be excited!

April 12th begins the era of “Try Before You Buy”! It will be up to you to get Free Trials in the hands of people our video products can help (here’s a hint: that’s everyone.) You supply the excitement, we’ll supply the marketing!

Product Brochures

Product Brochures - Excitement you can carry with youSimple, colorful, engaging product brochures are easy to carry and give you a great resource you can hand to people you meet in person. It’s all in there: the products; the benefits; even testimonials! Plus—best of all—you include your contact information and the address of your self-replicated Join Site. You supply the enthusiasm, and your new contacts will be eager to go online and see for themselves.

Sales Letters

Sales Letters - formatted Video Newsletters you just sign and sendWe’ve made it incredibly easy for you to market Free Trials using our own Video Marketing Solution. We’ve written strong, dynamic sales letters for you that you can send using Video Email or Video Newsletters. That combines our marketing expertise with your personality in the videos you can create and attach. Adding our sales letters to your Video Email is as quick as selecting a topic from a simple pull-down menu. For Video Newsletters, you actually just select a sales letter template; the sales copy is automatically there, already formatted!

Add automatic sales copy to your Video Email message
Ready? Set? Click!
Select from four topics - the sales copy is already written for you!
The goal of all of these resources is to get prospective Customers to your self-replicated Join Site. Once there, they watch the 90 second video, they hit the “Try It Free” button and they have 30 days to enjoy everything our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution has to offer!

Keeping Track Of Your Free Trials

So, once you have a prospective Customer happily enjoying a free month of incredible video marketing products, what do you do? Throughout their 30 days we’ll automatically send targeted marketing emails (auto responders) that give them exciting ways to use video to boost their business… and you can track their progress in your Back Office!

Free Trial reporting in your back officeAs soon as you log in, you can see a quick at-a-glance overview of all your Free Trials: backoffice_overviewhow many have been used; how many left (important!); how many Active Users have one of your Free Trials; how many have converted to paying Customers or become an Associate (important and profitable!); and how many extra Free Trials you’ve earned (yes, you can earn more!).

But right now you’re trying to follow your new prospective Customer who just started their trial. You can do that by clicking “View All” or the Free Trials icon under “My Account.”  This gives you more details, including a list of active Free Trials (that’s where your new prospect will be found). You can get details on when they started, what day of their trial they are on, and can even view the autoresponder marketing emails they get, so you know exactly what they’re experiencing.

Everything you could want to know about your Free Trial program is here, including listings of individuals converted from their Free Trial, how many extra Free Trials you’ve earned, and even a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section with additional answers and information.

Details of the Free Trials sectionThis is also where you can upgrade your Free Trial Product Package. Keep a close eye on the Free Trial tracker: you don’t want to run out and miss out an amazing opportunity! You can upgrade your Product Package at any time, all the way up to the Unlimited Package, where your days of worrying about how many Free Trials you have left will be over!

For you to worry about how many trials you have left, you have to have an amount to start. So how exactly does someone get Free Trials to hand out?

Business Builder Packages

New Associates can elect to purchase a Business Builder Package based on their budget and marketing needs. Each Package is based on a specific number of Free Trials, ranging from 20 to 50 to 200 to an unlimited amount. There are bigger price breaks the more you purchase. The great thing is, as you get better at handing out Free Trials, you can upgrade to another package at any time—all you have to do is pay the difference in package prices.

Business Builder PackagesThat’s great for new Associates joining Talk Fusion to grow a business using the power of Free Trials. But what about existing Associates? What happens to you when April 12th hits?

You’ll really like this answer.

Because when Free Trials go live, we’ll GIVE existing Associates Free Trials at no cost.

Executive Associates will get 50 Free Trials; Elite Associates will receive 200 Free Trials. Can you guess what this means for Pro Associates? That’s right: Pro Associates get an unlimited number of Free Trials FOR FREE.

Talk about starting off with a bang!

Earning More Free Trials: Customer +10

But not everyone is a Pro Associate or is ready to upgrade to the $1500 Business Builder Package yet. That’s fine; it gives you a goal to work towards. Still, if you’re not at that level yet, it’s important to make sure you always have Free Trials left to hand out so you don’t miss an opportunity. We’re happy to help you with that.

Because Talk Fusion loves to reward success, we’re giving you a way to earn more Free Trials. It’s simple.

Every time you personally sponsor a new Customer, you get

We call that “Customer +10” and you can track that in the Free Trial section of your Back Office, too. The more Free Trials you get converted into Customers or Associates, the more Free Trials you earn to give to prospective Customers who can fall in love with the product and buy it! Success becomes its own reward.

Making an Impact

There’s no doubt that Free Trials are going to make a huge impact on your Talk Fusion business. That’s why we call the new training manual the Impact Guide. It gathers everything in one place and gives you the ultimate Free Trial training and motivation. It joins flyers, resources, presentations, and the Instant Pay Compensation Plan in your Back Office.

NEW Talk Fusion Impact GuideYou’ll find it in the Getting Started section. Make the Impact Guide your new best friend. You’ll be very happy you did.

Free Trials, Here We Come!

30 day Free Trials are ON THE WAY!Every department at the Corporate Office is working double-time to get each word, each line of code, everything prepared and in place; Talk Fusion Associates are making sure we know how eager they are by sending Video Emails, making comments on our blog and social media posts, and sharing the news with everyone they can.

On April 12th, you’ll get an inventory of Free Trials that you can give to potential Customers and let them experience Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution FREE for 30 days. It’s the perfect way to introduce new people to the marketing benefits of video firsthand! Are you ready to skyrocket your business? After all, who can say no to “free”?