Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday Bob Reina

On Sunday, May 31st, Diamond Associates and above gathered on Chapel Lawn of the Grand Wailea for the Sunset Soiree—a grand finale to our amazing May Dream Getaway. Although it was bittersweet to see such a great trip come to an end, each Associate will return home both excited and motivated as ever; it’s all thanks to Founder & CEO Bob Reina, whose birthday we celebrated under the setting Maui sun.

leadership at sunset soiree

After coming together to watch a fun-filled Dream Getaway recap video, the crowd was surprised when a second video—a birthday tribute to Bob—started to play. Last month, VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts created a secret email account where Associates from around the world could send unique Video Emails wishing Bob a happy birthday. For Bob, watching Executive Team members and Associates use CONNECT to send their best wishes was the greatest birthday gift of all.

Talk Fusion Sunset Soiree crowd

The birthday video was an overwhelming surprise, but it didn’t end there. A 3-tier birthday cake adorned in sparklers was delivered to the Chapel Lawn for all to enjoy. Each tasty tier acted as a symbol for all that Bob shares with us: timing, vision, and generosity.

Grand Blue Diamond Mario Halim thanks Bob Reina for his vision

Top Leaders gathered before Bob to personally share the profound ways in which he has impacted not only their lives, but the lives of their team members. Grand Blue Diamond Ron Wright of Texas thanked Bob for 5 years of blessings; Diamond Elite Walter Suarez of Miami, Florida reflected on Bob’s influence on the Latin American market. Grand Blue Diamonds Marcel & Mario Halim and Ryani Irawan shared how Bob’s unrelenting determination to fuel success beyond one’s education or economic status is changing lives throughout Indonesia. Grand Blue Diamond Cedric Penn—a fellow direct selling veteran and old-time friend of Bob’s—closed the “roast” ceremony with a beautiful testimonial about Bob’s loyalty, leadership and friendship.

The music played, delicious dishes were served, and the sun set on the May Dream Getaway that evening. The event was a lovely tribute to Talk Fusion’s hardworking Associates and, of course, the visionary behind it all. To our Founder & CEO Bob Reina: we appreciate everything you do day in and day out for all of us. Thank you for inspiring countless others to live their dreams. Let’s not measure your life in years, but in the number of lives you’ve changed across the globe. Mahalo!