Bobby on board

Founder & CEO Bob Reina Rescues Missing Dog with Life-Saving Operation

Anyone who’s ever met Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina knows his love of dogs is unparalleled. So, when a severely injured basset with a bleak outlook was brought to SPCA Safety Net Manager Connie Johnson, she knew just who to call.

Rebel had been missing for weeks before he was found in a ditch with significant breaks in both hind legs. He was in need of an expensive operation—without it, the puppy wouldn’t survive.


Bobby on boardWith time running out, and knowing how much he loves animals, Connie reached out to Bob right away. One phone call and a heart-breaking picture was all it took—he helped without hesitation and secured the dog’s future.

There really wasn’t a question as to whether he would lend a hand. “I had to help,” Bob said. “I knew the dog would’ve gone to heaven without my help.”

Renamed after his soft-hearted benefactor, Bobby the Basset was whisked off for x-rays and then taken to see Dr. Hay, an orthopedic specialist and fellow dog-lover.


After his operation, the hound was cared for in a medical foster home while he recovered. Unable to walk for a month, Bobby had to be carried everywhere in a sling. Today, he’s a healthy 60 pounds and is running around living the good life again. The sweet-tempered dog loves children and other animals and is clearly happy to be back on his feet.

Bob Reina’s kindness and generosity are a testament to what he hopes to achieve through Talk Fusion: helping people, businesses, charities—and animals—all over the world. In fact, giving back through what he calls “Servant Leadership” is a big part of Talk Fusion’s corporate culture.

Why does he do it? Bob believes that “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

Whether it’s saving a dog’s life or donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, when it comes to making a difference in any life, no contribution is too great or too small.